The Every Day Matters Personal Concierge™:  A Unique Member-Based Motivational Program

The Every Day Matters Personal Concierge™: A Unique Member-Based Motivational Program

GoMo Health and Bridgeway Rehabilitation Services have launched the Every Day Matters Personal Concierge™ program, which delivers supportive and motivational messages to persons served at the psychiatric rehabilitation and recovery center. Every Day Matters is a unique membership-based program designed to increase attendance to rehabilitation appointments.

How it Works

All persons served at Bridgeway Rehabilitation Services are offered the opportunity to enroll in the Every Day Matters program and opt-in to receive one to two Care Messages™ daily. Leveraging GoMo Health’s sophisticated business rules engine, each member is assigned to an appropriate engagement track based on the days they are scheduled to attend and their probability of attending. Throughout the course of the program, members receive content, resources, and reminders to encourage, motivate, and empower them to take a proactive approach to managing their health.

The Bridgeway Personal Concierge™: Every Day Matters program also includes participant initiated messaging, allowing members to text in specific keywords to receive the precise content that will help them in that moment (ex:  HOPE – for encouragement), JOKE – for a laugh, or PEER – for a peer story). GoMo Health leveraged its proprietary emerging science,  BehavioralRx™, The Science of Patient Engagement, to build the membership program.

Cory Storch, CEO of Bridgeway, says, “Bridgeway is well known for delivering evidence-based best practices to its members. The Every Day Matters program supports this mindset, and the ongoing commitment we have made to champion the right of every individual toward self-determination, wellness, and recovery.”

“By utilizing this type of behavioral technology for patient engagement, Bridgeway is proving they are a pioneer in psychiatric rehabilitation,” stated Bob Gold, Behavioral Technologist and CEO of GoMo Health. “The program is based upon our exclusive BehavioralRx™ science, methodology, and communications techniques that leverage people’s innate behavioral and emotional attributes (such as trust, credibility, and reciprocity) to drive in-the-moment actions and response.”

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