Population Health Examples from the World’s Healthiest Countries

Population Health Examples from the World’s Healthiest Countries

The United States healthcare system is seemingly always the center of conversation for policy makers, the corporate world and the general population of the country because of its immense importance to all parties involved. While our country spends the most money on healthcare per person in the world, many other nations across the globe are impressively accomplished when it comes to Population Health.

What are some of the healthiest nations doing to improve the health of their population and maintain high standards of healthcare? Here are some examples of how nations across the globe are uniquely affecting the lives of their population:



Italy was ranked by the Bloomberg Global Health Index as the world’s healthiest country in 2017 based on several factors. Those factors include: life expectancy, health risks (such as tobacco use and high blood pressure), availability of clean water, malnutrition and causes of death. Italians are guaranteed essential health care services through the government, and spends far less per person than the United States. Their Mediterranean diet also contributes to a healthy population. Buon Appetito!



The country with the best standards of health in the Middle East is Qatar. Recently, Qatar has worked to implement a universal healthcare system nationwide. Their healthcare system is available to all people in the country – even tourists. Their public health services offer free or highly subsidized healthcare and for the most part, is held to an excellent standard.


hong kong

By Estial (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Hong Kong

A recent Stanford University study analyzed data from smartphones across the globe and concluded that Hong Kong is the most active country in the world, with the highest average daily steps recorded. The United States averaged 4,774 steps per day, which is slightly below the worldwide average of 4,961.



The healthiest nation in the Southern Hemisphere is Australia, which can be attributed to the country’s great weather and low pollution. The average life expectancy of Australians is 82.8, which is the 4th highest in the world.



Life expectancy is greatest in Japan at 83.6 years. This poses challenges as the country faces a rapidly-aging population. There are 14.1 hospital beds for every 1,000 residents, which is the most in the world among those with available data. All of Japan’s residents are required to have health insurance coverage.

As a nation with many resources available to us, we can take cues from the healthiest and innovative countries to improve Population Health. In the United States, it’s important to consider the complex pathway to motivating human response to take a desired action. Health care organizations nationwide can deliver highly scalable and cost-effective solutions for the management of high-risk, chronic and complex wellness issues. GoMo Health’s proprietary methodology, Behavioral Rx™, helps health care institutions across the country accomplish these goals.

GoMo Health was chosen by Becker’s Hospital Review as one of the Top Population Health Management Companies to Know. We’re excited to be recognized for our practice of incorporating our proprietary methodology, Behavioral Rx™, in strategies that consider the complex pathway to motivating human response to take a desired action. To read the full article and read more about GoMo Health in the news, click here.


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