See Firsthand How Personal Concierge™ Works: New Demo for Mother/Baby!

See Firsthand How Personal Concierge™ Works: New Demo for Mother/Baby!

If you have been wondering how Concierge Care® could be implemented in the unique workings of your organization, we have a demo for you!

Despite all of the support offered to women during pregnancy and motherhood, it’s impossible for providers to be there at all times. In the small moments of everyday life, it’s important for healthcare providers to encourage self-care and give moms the tools to have a healthy pregnancy and smooth transition to motherhood.

Personal Concierge™ prepares mom for baby’s arrival and continues to support them post-discharge, interactively guiding mom and caregivers through their healthcare needs. Through fertility, pregnancy, labor and delivery, and baby’s first 15 months, women now have a virtual care coordinator who is there for them in the average moments of their day.

Pair that with the inpatient satisfaction firepower of Bedside Concierge™ and Discharge Concierge™, and the new moms you serve will have a healthcare experience unlike anything else currently offered.

Want to see how it works? You can now test it out for yourself! Our Building Blocks for Babies Personal Concierge™ demo will give you specific examples of how organizations like yours are currently using the solution to positively impact perinatal health.

Text BLOCKS to 52046 or click the button below to get started!

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