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Early Childhood Literacy: How Reading to Children Impacts Their Life

“The sun did not shine, it was too wet to play. So we sat in the house all that cold, cold, wet day.  I sat there with Sally. We sat there, we two. And I said, 'How I wish we had something to do!’” I continue to be amazed that I wrote the above [...]

Video: Prioritizing Provider and Patient Communication

The number one reason that people don’t get better from medication is simple: they didn’t take the medication. There are certain things that make practicing [medicine] very difficult, and one of them is poor communication. If I say, “Take this prescription and come back in 2 weeks,” what’s missing? I didn’t educate the person [...]

Intervening at Critical Moments: Disrupting Suicidal Ideation Amongst Military Veterans

By Steve Lazoritz, MD, Medical Director, GoMo Health  For many years I have had the honor of performing medical qualification examinations on young men and woman who are joining the military service. I have oftentimes asked the 17 or 18-year olds how their mother felt about them enlisting, and typically the response is “she’s scared.” “Scared [...]

Reducing Pre-Term Births: Bless Neonatal Nurses, Nurse Practitioners and Neonatologists!

Caring for micro-preemies and their parents must be among the most stressful areas of medicine. I got a taste of this as a pediatric resident and when practicing general pediatrics in a small hospital, and I still wake troubled with memories of the NICU to this day. Over the years [...]

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