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Cigarette smoking is a leading cause of preventable disease and death in the U.S and a leading cause of morbidity and lost productivity. Because nicotine is addictive, it is incredibly difficult for people to quit and not relapse. While e-cigarettes are a useful technology for reducing tobacco use, there is a concern that they have led to an increase in first-time nicotine use by adolescents.

However, because much of the information driving public discussion of e-cigarettes focuses on the potential and ‘hidden’ dangers of e-cigarettes have led two-thirds of Americans to believe vaping is deadlier than cigarette smoking. As a result, many policymakers and public health groups are seeking or have decided to ban e-cigarettes while leaving cigarettes and other tobacco products on the market.

Recent actions taken by e-cigarette manufacturers to limit underage vaping and maximize use by existing adult smokers have included changes in marketing, chain of custody and product design. Join Bob Gold for this session, which will discuss what evidence must be developed to determine what specific marketing strategies, online support and product choice would encourage people to quit smoking and reduce relapse.