Well care visits provide an opportunity for parents to raise general questions and concerns about their child’s development, behavior, vaccinations, and general well-being. Oftentimes, however, our hectic lifestyles cause us to only use the doctor when there is already a problem, instead of keeping up with these key appointments. Another common problem is that when members miss their well care appointments, they may not remember or have the time to reschedule them.

Driscoll Health Plan and El Paso First sought to increase well care visit compliance for children and adolescents in their member populations through the use of personalized engagement and rescheduling reminders. The two plans also desired to increase overall member engagement, interaction, and retention. With help from GoMo Health, Driscoll Health Plan and El Paso First were able to supplement their existing member communications programs with multilingual, actionable health care content delivered via text (SMS) messages and mobile landing pages.

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