Claims Processing & Fulfillment
From the moment your population requests an action, they should get an immediate reinforcement. GoMo Health has developed both claims processing logistics for large insurance/warranty companies, as well as order and rewards fulfilment.
Complex Database Planning & Implementation
Dealing with large datasets or even many smaller ones can be a daunting task. With our years of experience in handling transactions, claims, and engagement records, we’ve become experts in planning, mining, developing, and processing complex data, so that you don’t have to.
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Secure Platform Integrations
Having too many disparate systems may lead to fatigue and apprehension among your staff. Integrating EMR/EHR systems with a secure connection to our lifestyle engagement platform enables health care professionals to have a seamless experience.
Web & App Development
Whether developing a website, a self-management portal, or mobile app, our team specializes in intuitive user experiences and effective lifestyle engagement practices.

GoMo Health offers end-to-end customization with big picture planning and hands-on application experience. Paired with years of software-human interaction expertise, the full boutique services offered by the our Enterprise Solutions team incorporates a wide range of tools, including product and service ideation, and production. Strategists specialize in custom lifestyle engagement solutions, complex database design and architecture, and logistics planning including claims processing systems.

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