Effective engagement relies on keeping the patient or member at the center of everything you do. By focusing on the person, rather than the technology, GoMo Health has been able to build a unique platform that targets the key problem areas faced by today’s health care community. Our remote patient engagement solutions encourage self-care, reduces unnecessary emergency department visits, and increases compliance by engaging people throughout their day in a way that is comfortable for them.

GoMo Health humanizes technology for both health care consumers and the organizations that serve them. We have created a diverse collection of applications which work seamlessly together to provide health care professionals with an easy and intuitive way to engage members and patients remotely. The GoMo Health platform addresses a variety of administrative needs, including educational information distribution, on-time bill pay, in-the-moment interactions, promotions, and more. Accessible on any web-enabled tablet or computer, our solution can be accessed via our cloud-based application or integrated into a backend system using our flexible API.

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Targeted & Secure Messaging

Personalize messaging and engage populations in real-time for a more powerful response without them needing to download an OS-specific app or log into a patient portal. Utilizing Health Risk Assessments (HRAs) and detailed population management, our platform stratifies engagement to ensure patients, members, and caregivers are receiving information that is highly relevant to them. Distribute important educational information via text (SMS) or email messaging, and collect feedback with templated mobile landing pages which can include content, images, videos, guides, surveys, and more. For more sensitive information use our HIPAA-compliant two-way messaging to deliver test results, time-sensitive coordination, real-time advice, proactive reminders, and patient health information (PHI) securely and in-the-moment.

GoMo Health Platform Targeted Secure Messaging
Opt-in subscribers into categories based on preferences, program content, and risk level; filter messaging by categories and data fields.

Schedule content up to a year in advance or start conversations in-the-moment to remind, inform, and motivate people to act at the right times.

No Restrictions
There’s no operating system-specific app to download; secure chat messages have no PHI-related or text (SMS) message length restrictions.

Device Agnostic
Regardless of whether they have a simple feature phone or a cutting edge smartphone, your population will be able to read messages and take action.

GoMo Health Rewards Wallet Dashboard

Rewards, Incentives, & Transactions

Drive membership, encourage action, and build loyalty with an integrated rewards system that celebrates both action and transactions. Reward patients and members for healthy behaviors with sweepstakes & instant win tools, coupons & offers, and reloadable gift cards which can be tailored for use at specific health-related retailers. Our admin portal offers administrator control and detailed spend analytics to track milestone achievement and purchase data.

The mobile phone is quickly becoming the preferred hub for both commerce and healthcare transactions. Our platform delivers a new class of mobile commerce functionality that enhances existing ecommerce and card-based systems on all internet-connected devices. Offer your patients the ease of paying for products, services, and bills through mobile web, standard web, app, and text (SMS) messaging. Flexible payment options allow health care administrators to custom-fit the system to match their business structure and needs. Payment options include a pre-paid wallet, pay as you go, cash on pick up/delivery or custom payment integrations including point based transactions.

Drive engagement and actions with multi-tiered sweepstakes and point of sale redeemable discount offers.

Loyalty Cards & Coupons
Integrate with consumers’ rewards cards for added targeted healthy incentives. Push timed coupon offers to encourage a healthy lifestyle.

Account Tracking
Health care consumers can easily reload their mobile wallets, check their progress, and share their experience through both web and mobile app.

Custom Rewards
Create a brand configurable rewards program: point-based, tiered, or paid membership. Rewards are tallied regardless of payment method.

Reporting & Analytics

Track the efficacy of your engagement efforts and pinpoint areas that need improvement with our detailed reporting & analytics features. Our simplified dashboard is easily accessible from any internet-connected computer or tablet and requires no technical skill on the part of the health care worker. Visual charts and comprehensive data collection allow you to quickly and easily take account of your efforts. Our reporting platform measures everything from mobile web page visitors to page views, clickthroughs, and more. Track overall endeavors and individual campaigns using segmentation and time period containment. Download information straight to your computer as a CSV file or use our API to integrate with your backend systems.

GoMo Fitness Network Reporting & Analytics
GoMo Health Solutions - GoMo Campaign Examples Across Devices

Create a more complete patient or member record by with EMR/EHR integration and the GoMo Health platform. Increase office efficiency and decreasing coding areas with a system that seamlessly transfers information between the patient and member and your EMR/EHR system. We support a number of leading EMR/EHR systems.

GoMo Health Nurse Call Center

GoMo Health has partnered with a US-based nurse call center to support your real-time engagement efforts, 24/7. Using our secure chat services, qualified nurses will provide your patients and members with advice, triage, and reassurance right to their mobile phones. Our call center partner meets URAC standards which ensure that licensed individuals perform the clinical aspects of the triage, information is given confidentially, and the medical advice is appropriate.

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