We are the Revolution: The Planetree 2015 International Conference on Patient-Centered Care

By |Published On: October 19th, 2015|

On October 12th in Boston I attended the Planetree 2015 International Conference on Patient-Centered Care.  Planetree, Inc. is a mission based non-profit organization that partners with health care organizations around the world and across the continuum of care to transform how health care is delivered to patients.  

Beyond dollars, HCAHPS scores, and readmission problems, health professionals, the hospitals and facilities that they represent, along with patient advocacy groups, patients, and the families they serve, came together to learn how they are, and will be, “part of the revolution” in transforming health care. 

“We are the Revolution”

Planetree’s 2015 conference had the resounding theme of “We are the Revolution”, embodied by the informational sessions and networking that was chock full of ideas and overview of successful programs.

Dozens of sessions included everything from conflict & creativity, cultural transformation, and patient activation to staff engagement, leadership development, and performance improvement.2015 Planetree Conference

The experts and those effected by disengagement spoke about the desperate need of affording the patient compassion always and  more support and engagement through their  daily life. 

From personal compassion to high tech engagement Planetree is a revolutionary organization creating sustenance to a longstanding blight of a system that at times forgets about the one person they are charged to take care of.  Patient engagement, education, and compassion in the 21st Century.   With technology that enables us to cost effectively be part of the life of all those we serve.

GoMo Health & Patient-Centered Care

Planetree-300As the exclusive sponsor of “Patient-Centered Care Awareness Month”, the 2015 Planetree Conference wasn’t just a great opportunity to gather with other leaders in patient-centered engagement, it was the perfect time to announce the launch of one of GoMo Health’s latest innovations.

Our new Concierge Care® Inpatient Satisfaction solution allows patients to use their mobile device, tablet, or laptop to make real-time requests for non-clinical services provided by the hospital, communicating these requests directly to specific departments to ensure a comfortable hospital experience. The Inpatient Satisfaction solution can help hospitals directly impact their HCAHP scores, which in 2015 can mean the make all the difference in hospital reputation and government reimbursement linked with health care results.

Our healthcare division, GoMo Health, is proud to be a leader in patient-centered care with our suite of Concierge Care® solutions available in-home, in-hospital, and in-community. Visit GoMoHealth.com to learn more about how you can be a part of the mobile health revolution. 

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