As technology progresses at lightning speed, so too does the healthcare industry. As we wrap up 2018 and look ahead to the coming year, some of the top healthcare opportunities for growth come into focus. Major changes and improvements will be actualized in 2019, from working towards solving huge problems like the opioid crisis to futuristic developments like artificial intelligence.

Here are some of the top healthcare trends for 2019:

Value-based payments

In recent years, the United States healthcare system has begun to reform the ways that health care is delivered and paid for. Value-based programs reward healthcare providers with incentive payments based on the quality of care that they give to people. This allows providers to focus on the quality of their care, rather than quantity. Forbes recently predicted that in 2019, 15% of global healthcare spending will be tied to value-based models. In 2019, look for providers to be exceedingly interested in ways to create high-quality healthcare experiences for patients.

Opioid management

In 2016, more than 2 million Americans had an addiction to prescription or illicit opioids. On October 26, 2017, the White House declared the opioid crisis a national public health emergency under federal law. Since then, executive agencies have been working to fight the opioid crisis and educate the public on the dangers of it.

In April 2018, the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) published new limits for high-dose opioid prescriptions for Medicare Part D users. This pairs with new CDC guidelines for prescribing opioids for chronic pain. Strategies for supporting individuals with addiction, including education and prevention, will be a huge opportunity in the healthcare industry next year.

Next-gen telehealth

Telehealth includes a broad range of technologies and services that work to improve patient care and healthcare delivery. Telehealth solutions are designed to expand access to care, make health management easier for patients, and improve the efficiency of healthcare delivery.

In 2019, expect new platforms and tools that will transform virtual care through novel usage of data. Some of these tools and platforms include:

  • Chatbots – Patients consult with automated bot to chat about simple use cases such as health monitoring.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) – Among many other uses, AI engines can remotely lead patients through primary care visits, including reviewing symptoms.
  • Sensor technologies – Sensor technologies are built into consumer electronics (like Apple Watch) and can trigger consumption of as-needed medical services.
  • Remote monitoring devices – Patients can meet with a doctor who is physically far away.

External market disruption

Health solutions are no longer limited to traditional providers, payors, and pharmaceutical companies. In 2019, major external market corporations will be throwing their towel into the ring to create various solutions in health. Amazon, Chase, Apple Walmart and Google are just some of the big names that we may be associating with healthcare very soon.

The disruption potential within the industry is high with this news, and forward-thinking health systems have an opportunity to positively impact the space. The presence of these large companies should inspire large healthcare organizations to approach patient experience, health care delivery, and quality improvements in new and innovative ways.

Total consumer health

Just like how our bodies work as an ecosystem, healthcare will now be treated in more holistic, complete ways. It can be difficult to treat one specific condition without also looking at the effects of that treatment on other parts of the body. Consumers in today’s healthcare landscape are seeking solutions that address their comprehensive health. More than ever before, people are treating their bodies like a network and seeking solutions that complement their personal health and evolving needs.

GoMo Health is focused on bringing positive change to the healthcare industry in 2019 and beyond. To learn how Concierge Care is working to achieve positive outcomes in the above trends, contact us today.

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