One of the challenges in treating a patient population with chronic pain is that it is not just a physical symptom that can just be treated and will go away.

Chronic pain is physical and psychological, because you have to address the patient’s self-perception of their belief that they can manage their pain, that they can make it through another day, and that they can feel good physically and emotionally.

This population has many challenges in managing their health, including logistical challenges, environmental challenges, physical problems, and a variety of emotional and behavioral health challenges.

BehavioralRx uses a proprietary, artificial intelligence behavioral modification algorithm called CARBS, which stands for Cognitive Action Response Behaviors. This has produced 3-5 times the level of activation and resiliency across many different chronic and complex conditions.

In order for healthcare delivery to be successful, the clinical provider and the patient both need to partner. The BehavioralRx science has shown to get people to be more honest and transparent because there is no one ‘looking over their shoulder’ or having an opinion on their stigma. They tell us information about what they are going through, and we provide immediate reciprocity, information, resources, or escalation back.

One of the major benefits of BehavioralRx is its scalability. In the United States, there are now over 60 million lives on Medicaid.  We need ways of engaging them every day, modifying behaviors, to help them overcome their personal, social, physical, and healthcare challenges.  It’s very costly to do that just with human care coordinators 24/7 – that’s the value we provide…ultimate mass personalized scalability.

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Achieving the Triple Aim with Chronic Pain Medicaid Patients

See BehavioralRx® in action as GoMo Health works to help Medicaid patients with chronic pain.
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