Increasing Patient Adherence through Concierge Care Methodology

By |Published On: July 1st, 2013|

When it comes to engagement the plethora of devices and services available can only go so far. It is the human aspect, that 1:1 connection, which allows companies and consumers to begin a valuable dialogue and become integral to each other’s lives.

Engagement services should go beyond the basic needs of the consumer and be more like a concierge. Imagine having the most personable concierge at your side; either party can initiate a conversation, ask a question, and get answers in-the-moment. The concierge knows your situation and is able to connect you with relevant information in order to improve your life. This is especially needed for engagement services as in the healthcare sector.

The central themes behind Concierge Care methodology revolve around three tenets:

  • Getting patient’s believe that they can perform the tasks required for better self-efficacy
  • Patient’s outlook on their future and how to make it more positive
  • Stimulating “Aha!” moments

Using Concierge Care methodology, we have developed a remote patient management system, GoMo Health, to enhance lifestyle engagement for those with chronic conditions using a variety of behavioral communications techniques. The GoMo Health platform, strives to advance self-care and adherence in-the-moment, through its concierge service.

One of them most important parts of the Concierge Care methodology is its scalability and opportunity for lifestyle engagement. GoMo Health allows administrators to connect with members and patients using any web-enabled device (cell phones, tablets, PCs) to relay bite-sized content, tips, and actionable instructions throughout the day, with no need for specialized apps or equipment. While an app or special equipment is not required, our platform does have the ability to be embedded into remote medical devices, apps, Patient Management Systems, and third-party healthcare programs for increased outreach.

Another critical component of the Concierge Care methodology is the ability to effectively measure results. GoMo Health’s detailed, evidence-based reporting system creates propriety radar maps (shown below) to chart an organization’s outreach effectiveness. These measurements can be especially useful to healthcare providers and insurers focusing on cost reduction, better patient outcomes & loyalty, and more efficient use of HCP staff (lower ratio of HCP staff to patients) for remote patient care.

Gold Mobile is looking connect with organizations who would benefit from our unique platform, are interested in raising HEDIS scores, and who are focused on increasing remote patient engagement. If you are interested or know of organizations who are interested, please let us know. We are specifically looking for more involvement from the following types of people and organizations:

  • Neurologists
  • Behavioral Psychologists
  • Statisticians & Mathematicians (especially with Fuzzy Logic) interested in improving people’s lives
  • Hospital Medical Management
  • ACO and healthcare plans/insurers, medical management, and clinical care
  • Medical device manufacturers of home health devices
  • Pharmaceutical drug brands interested in certain disease states

Together we can make the world a better place to be…one person at a time!

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