A Unique Perspective on “Brain Health” from Three Moms (who are also healthcare experts!)

By |Published On: April 4th, 2022|

GoMo Health partnered with three healthcare experts (and moms!) to get their different perspectives on how to prioritize self-care – and brain health —  during the perinatal journey.  

Aligned with our mission to empower prenatal and postnatal women to thrive as they navigate this major life transition, we appreciate the perspective of these three experts, and their focus on taking advantage of resources and support. Read on to learn what they think of the GoMo Health evidence-based solution. 

Pharma CEO, Author and Mother 

Hitha Palepu

My fascination with technology to deliver better healthcare started nearly 20 years ago. It’s come a long way since, and I could not be happier to see the hypothesis I made back then is what GoMo Health is delivering, via their digital therapeutics, to cancer patients, people with diabetes, and especially prenatal and postpartum women. Their most recently released program component focuses on brain health for maternal child health, which they developed with the Center for BrainHealth. This program offers personalized, interactive and engaging content to women to help them through this incredibly vulnerable time. The ultimate goal? To improve moms’ physical, emotional, and brain health – and that of her children.

What I would’ve given to have had access to this digitally delivered care after having Rho. In my 2 and 6 week follow up visits, I felt okay and ticked off the boxes indicating no symptoms. But at home, I truly thought the overwhelm, the severe mood swings, and the paralyzing feeling of “maybe things would be better for everyone if I wasn’t here” were just the baby blues and would pass. I didn’t seek any care for my postpartum depression for 5 months. And it lasted for nearly 2 years, returning after my miscarriage and during my pregnancy with Rhaki.

There are reasons we find it easier to share how we’re really feeling through an anonymous survey we answer on our phones versus an actual person. It is far more convenient, for one. The judgment that we fear from people is eliminated when you’re tapping a circle on your screen. Your smartphone doesn’t judge and is happy to wait as long as you need to answer all the questions. Most medical visits lack the time and often the attention we seek when we open up and share how we’re actually feeling. 

Brain health IS healthcare. I wish I had access to this GoMo Health program as a patient, and it’s something I’ve shared with my own OB-GYN in the hopes her practice will offer it to all their other patients.

Dual Board Certified M.D. in Ophthalmology & Lifestyle Medicine and Mother

Shanika Esparaz

I remember the feeling when I was a first-time mom; it was a combination of joy and overwhelm. There is no manual for parenthood. But it has been the single, most rewarding, and challenging experience of my life. It’s brought out the best and at times the not-so-best in me. #keepingitreal 

That is why I’m so excited to share a program designed specifically for maternal and child health. GoMo Health and the Center for BrainHealth have collaborated to launch a joint digital therapeutic encouraging brain health that is focused on giving mom the tools she needs to thrive during prenatal and postpartum periods.

Think of it like a friend, accessible via text, that can offer psychological support and encouragement.

I was a senior ophthalmology resident when I had my first child. Between medical training and sleepless nights trying to figure out breastfeeding, I would have loved a resource like this. 


Registered Nurse, Women’s Health Expert and Mother

Shanika Esparaz

I remember the first few weeks after having my baby being tough. I spent most of my days in a hormonal, sleep-deprived loop of breastfeeding, changing diapers, and pumping. Any new behaviors, actions, or symptoms my mini presented had me Googling endlessly for answers. Honestly, it was tough. There were days I was a mess both physically and mentally.

I did have one visit from a home visiting nurse ‍‍and called my nurse-midwife for help a few times (I’m sure she was annoyed with the 1 AM calls asking her about swollen ankles, but I digress). I wish I had more tools and resources that I could’ve used at my convenience to help me throughout this journey. 

The GoMo Health maternal brain health program guides mothers through healthy brain habits and exercises that can help reduce feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression to overcome common challenges faced throughout motherhood.

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