Evidence-Based Digital Therapeutic to Improve Whole Person Well-Being

The white paper and recorded webinar showcase how activating brain health can improve brain performance and physical and emotional health.

Learn More About:

  • The depth with which COVID-19 has affected prenatal and postpartum women and the evidence-based solution this program offers to support moms both physically and psychologically in these challenging times.

  • Simple solutions to manage everyday obstacles commonly faced by (new) moms, including tactical brain health strategies that have been shown to reduce depressive symptoms by 58% and stress by 42%.

  • The science behind the Center for BrainHealth’s research-backed strategies that enhance brain health.

  • The unique science of engagement, BehavioralRx, and its application to the program to optimize awareness, action and changes in behavior for moms to be the best for themselves – and their children.


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GoMo Health® and the Center for BrainHealth® at The University of Texas at Dallas are excited to debut our joint program that integrates the Center’s research-backed strategies that enhance brain health and build resilience into the GoMo Health evidence-based digital therapeutic. The Brain Health for Maternal Child Health program actualizes a whole-person centered approach that activates mom’s mind and body in the context of her everyday life to positively impact overall healthy living – changing healthcare delivery from episodic to continuous.

The program provides personalized, interactive and engaging education to women about healthy brain practices through simple mobile messages, interactive surveys and assessments, expert videos, and quick exercises and activities that work to improve brain health. Even better, as mom responds to questions, surveys and assessments, the program is further customized to her individually expressed needs.