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Improve patient acquisition, retention, and outcomes.

GoMo Health Concierge Care

GoMo Health Concierge Care® is a suite of mobile inpatient, outpatient and community education solutions developed to support the continuum of care. Through detailed health risk data collection, behavioral analysis, and intelligence gathering we personalize patient engagement and bridge the communication gap between patients, caregivers, and providers, humanizing technology and providing an easy and intuitive channel for remote engagement.

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Patient engagement is key to successful outcomes.

Custom and consistent patient engagement enables individuals to play a more active role in their care management, empowering them to live healthier lives. This is critical for providers and plans given that reimbursements are increasingly tied to volume, length of stay, patient satisfaction scores, and readmissions.  Simply stated, the more active people are in their own healthcare, the more likely they are to follow prescribed regimens and live healthier lives – reducing expenses and improving evidence-based outcomes.

Concierge Care® Solutions
Introducing a suite of mobile offerings specifically designed for
in-the-moment patient engagement.

Community Concierge™
Take community screenings to the next level

A HIPAA secure, web-based solution for participant registration and collection of Health Risk Assessment (HRA) data at health fairs, screenings, and other community education and outreach events. Follow up with each participant — setting appointments while promoting and providing service line specific resources directly related to each patient’s condition(s).

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Clinical Trial Concierge™
Supporting clinical trial recruitment, adherence, and engagement

A simplified approach to engage and motivate patients to build trust, activation, and adherence. Our solutions are available and ready to support the needs of BioPharm and med-device sponsors.

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Bedside Concierge™
inpatient satisfaction

Address the non-clinical, non-emergent needs of patients with in-the-moment access to their own “Comfort Concierge.” This interactive resource allows patients to select from a menu of services, communicating requests directly to specific departments to ensure their most comfortable hospital experience while allowing the clinical staff to focus on critical patient care.

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Discharge Concierge™
Improve patient education and streamline the discharge experience

Automate and improve the discharge experience by delivering pre-discharge educational materials directly to patients for optimal cognition. Viewable from any web-enabled device, Discharge Concierge allows inpatients to review content at their own pace while noting questions and requesting 1:1 time with the nurse for clarification when necessary.

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Personal Concierge™
Ensuring smooth transitions & care plan adherance

This mobile-based solution uses behavioral methodology to personalize patient or member engagement and bridge the communication gap between themselves, caregivers, and providers. Transition support delivers “snackable bites” of condition-specific and wellness education to subscribers, motivating them to more effectively self-manage their conditions.

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GoMo Chat Secure™
Secure, two-way communication for patients and administrators

This unique frontend messaging system is scalable and can be deployed in minutes, deliver patient or physician communications in-the-moment for call centers, answering services, and health care outreach administrators.

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An integrated approach to patient
acquisition, education, and retention.

  • Reduce Costs and Increase Efficiencies in Patient Care

    Strategic health care planning and consistent interactive communication with patients keeps lines of communication open and patients experiencing in-the-moment guidance and support.  Improve population health while applying proactive, preventative care reimbursement codes to your mix while increasing revenues.

  • Secure Data Collection and Analytics

    Satisfy meaningful use requirements with the collection and exchange of patient population data, and easily update records in real-time through ongoing patient engagement and feedback.

  • Empower Your Care Team to Extend Reach & Value to the Home

    Allow clinical care staff to focus on patient care, in person through the availability of tools and resources to support remote care management and telehealth, extending the healthcare delivery beyond the confines of your hospital providing reimbursable, transitional care resources.

  • Improve Patient Satisfaction and Increase Reimbursements

    HCAHPS, HEDIS, and STAR ratings are the name of the game when it comes to healthcare reimbursements.  Elevate patient experience and service delivery perception with a keen focus not only on the clinical care provided, but the overall inpatient encounter.

  • Elevate Your Brand in Community as Provider of Personalized Care

    Create personalized engagement pathways so that each patient understands their own health care regimen, discharge protocols, resource availability and personal capability to manage their healthcare independently as appropriate.  Empowered patients lend to increased compliance and make for a healthier patient population, keeping care costs down, readmissions reduced, and reimbursements maximized.

  • Personalized, Device-Agnostic, Patient Engagement

    Considering each subscriber’s personal needs – whether clinical or comfort-related, our unique solutions “talk” to the consumer in a friendly and familiar voice, easily supporting their immediate needs and discharge protocols by delivering “snackable bites” of information directly to each subscriber how and when they request to receive them. With no app to download, GoMo Health solutions work with smartphones, traditional phones, tablets, desktops, laptops, and more.

Continuum of Care
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