Concierge Care® for Pharmaceutical Clinical Trials
“Beyond the Pill” Patient Engagement

GoMo Health® delivers a personalized concierge utilizing our HIPAA-secure, cloud-based Concierge Care® platform and our proprietary science, BehavioralRx™. The result is a simplified approach to engage and motivate patients to build trust, activation, and adherence. Our solutions are available and ready to support the needs of BioPharm and med-device sponsors.

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Reinventing patient-centricity in clinical trial recruitment, adherence, and engagement

Our Concierge Care® platform creates personalization, which is typically missing from patient education and outreach activities. One size fits all approaches do not meet expectations of today’s consumers.  Behavioral insights and patient journeys are proactively considered, then applied to the GoMo Health business rules engine.

The platform allows for secure APLD for data integrity, insights, and related actionable data related business rules and insights. This provides for commercial insights into patient journeys, adherence behaviors, and the groundwork for applied BehavioralRx methodology.

Our solutions represent a comprehensive approach towards developing a robust, individualized communication strategy to combat medication non-adherence, patient confusion, and caregiver integration. It all comes with a solution that is as easy to use as your phone.

Areas of Outreach

Investigator Participation

GoMo Health delivers a patient recruitment process to investigators that allows them to efficiently leverage turnkey resources for trial participation and participant recruitment.

Patient Activation

Concierge Care is a robust and HIPAA-secure patient engagement solution, through which each patient is guided along their healthcare journey by a “virtual” care coordinator. Tailored to each patient’s disease, medication(s), comorbidities, and other factors, Concierge Care enables the collection of meaningful healthcare insights and improvements. Our Concierge Care solutions include education, adherence reminders, patient feedback, text alerts, API integration, and investigator dashboards to help bridge communication gaps, while improving overall efficiency.

Focus Groups

GoMo Health focus groups support trial teams in assessing protocol feasibility, patient journeys and related patient centricity insights, supporting trial teams in assessing protocol feasibility, patient journeys and related patient centricity insights.

Completely interactive, integrated multi-media focus groups are conducted via the PHI secure GoMo Platform. This enables trial teams to gather insights to evaluate existing treatment gaps in care, social insights, and participant support opportunities. Coupled with video conference capabilities, focus groups allow patients to participate via smartphone from virtually any location, allowing easy, convenient and cost-conscious data collection saving trial teams time and hassle.

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