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As the healthcare landscape continues to change, so too has the approach to patient care. Concierge Care tackles the population health management, patient experience, finance, and reimbursement issues facing hospitals and health systems.

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Enhance service delivery

Improve clinical outcomes

Personalize patient engagement

Reduce cost of care

Increase joy in practice

Healthcare provider areas of outreach

Not every patient can be motivated to be positively active in their own self-care with the same approach, which is why GoMo Health offers a number of turnkey and customizable Concierge Care® programs that yield evidence-based results in managed care, transitions of care and gaps in care. Concierge Care leverages BehavioralRx® to deliver clinical directives in a step-by-step, behaviorally and cognitively based format; combined with wellness tips, instructional videos, and motivational incentives.

Our programs incorporate condition-specific care plans developed by behavioral scientists and clinical experts to manage both health and wellness for improved outcomes. Using risk stratification and bi-directional assessments, we are able to adjust content and messaging to personalize messaging so patients only receive content and resources most relevant to their specific needs, in their moment of need.

Our solutions are customizable for condition-specific management. Current programs include:

Powered by our flexible platform, care communication programs work to provide niche, at-risk groups with specialized remote care and helps healthcare professionals address specific issues, such as acquisition, retention, readmission reduction, and transitional care. Risk stratification and integration with backend systems allow messages to be personalized for better outcomes. With Concierge Care, healthcare professionals can deliver a variety of communications, including motivational reminders, wellness tips, surveys, and more. Our interactive, secure two-way text (SMS) messaging goes above and beyond by enabling patients to get the answers they need in-the-moment, during and after hours.

Our care communications programs include:

  • Acquisition
  • Retention
  • Readmission reduction
  • Transitional care

With our new special alerts engagement category, healthcare professionals can rapidly distribute need-to-know information to targeted populations for a variety of outcomes.

Our special alerts program allows health care professionals to make members aware of health and situational advisories, including:

  • Emergency Alerts
  • Ad Hoc Alerts
  • Environmental & Seasonal Alerts
  • Health Alerts
  • Weather Advisories
  • Air Quality Index Alerts
  • Community & Live Alerts

Take a deeper dive into the Concierge Care solutions for healthcare providers

Community Concierge™

A HIPAA-secure, web-based solution for health risk assessment data collection, pharmaceutical companies utilize Community Concierge to gather real-world data for population health management, early identification of health risks for mom and baby and reduced healthcare delivery costs through proactive care management.

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community concierge
personal concierge

Personal Concierge™

One size fits all approaches do not meet the expectations of today’s consumers. Personal Concierge is a sophisticated and personalized virtual care coordinator that offers tailored guidance to patients. The seamless and straightforward interface creates patient receptivity for the delivery of education, adherence reminders, patient feedback, and text alerts.  API integration and HCP dashboards help bridge communication gaps while protecting PHI to provide anonymized patient-level data to the pharmaceutical industry.

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Bedside Concierge™

Treat patients to a 5-star experience with Bedside Concierge. In-the-moment submission and processing of inpatients’ non-clinical, comfort requests ensure their most satisfying experience, while nurses benefit from increased Joy in Practice as they refocus on direct clinical patient care.

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bedside concierge
discharge concierge

Discharge Concierge™

Allow patients to access the state-mandated information they need to read, understand, and acknowledge receipt of before discharge with Discharge Concierge. Encourage and promote self-activated learning, satisfy JCAHO teach-back requirements, and assure patients print and oral health literacy, while automatically documenting completion in EMR.

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