Actionable strategies to activate programs that improve health outcomes for underserved populations.

At GoMo Health, one of our guiding principles is to deliver sustainable, person-centered, digital health management programs that address diversity, equity, and inclusion. We believe that improving health outcomes for our most vulnerable populations improves health for all.

We call it Wellness Rising

Case Study Highlights:

  • Successfully implemented evidence-based solutions yielding more than $250M in annual savings

  • Tactics to connect various agencies to deliver programs that address patient-reported social determinants of health and identify and decrease disparities and gaps in care for underserved, vulnerable populations.

  • The creation and implementation of the first engagement and data hub for integrated care, coordinating physical and behavioral health, human/social service, law enforcement, and judicial organizations.

Learn how your organization can:

  • Better manage growing caseloads

  • Increase patient compliance with outpatient care plans/directives

  • Include proven, reimbursable telehealth tactics for patient care

  • Collect valuable ePRO

  • Decrease cost of care delivery

  • Reduce unnecessary (re)admission

Image of Wellness Rising Case Study Booklet