Child Welfare and Foster Care Engagement Hub

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Activating the Experience:

Nurturing Our Youth, Families and Caregivers

Human needs evolve from birth throughout the cycle of life, and depending on circumstances, those needs are often challenging to meet given socioeconomic factors and family unit structure. To engage and activate people throughout the journey in the child welfare and foster care systems, GoMo Health delivers the Child Welfare and Foster Care Engagement Hub.

Engaging Broad Audiences:

Scale Care Coordinator Team Support

Caseloads are numerous, and needs are even greater. The Child Welfare and Foster Care Engagement Hub augments human interactions with representatives of the child welfare system so people feel they have a consistent team to turn to, people to contact, and support – no matter where they are or when they need it.

The Child Welfare and Foster Care Engagement Hub is a centralized point of communication for those supporting our youth – caregivers responsible for their health and wellness, educational development, and well-being; system representatives charged with guidance for all, and the youth themselves. The Hub enables secure information sharing, real-time conversations, check-ins on system status and individual outlook, and collection/dissemination of priority information for real-time response, ensuring the needed care and support is organized, easy to understand, and readily accessible.

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How Does the Hub Work?

This program is a life-management support system, transcending traditional healthcare boundaries, with a commitment to enhancing healthcare access and quality and basic life entitlements (ex: housing, food, learning, and literacy). The Hub makes it easy to identify and leverage the available resources – including closed-loop referrals and direct engagement with social service, managed care, and health organizations. Furthermore, the program provides psychosocial support to ease the strain on system beneficiaries and their caregivers.

The Hub represents an intelligent mobile “BOT” interacting with, learning about, and guiding participants through their journey in the child welfare and foster care systems. Using 2-way secure messaging, and artificial intelligence (AI), the program learns about each participant’s needs and challenges, delivering resources like timed reminders for crucial developmental screenings and interventions, as appropriate, at the earliest opportunity.

Comprehensive Program Overview

Explore the core values, rich content, and impactful outcomes of this thriving program to gain deeper insights.

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Augmented Support:
  • Family unit preservation and reunification
  • Preventing out of home placement of youth
  • Navigating the foster care system and offering consistent support to beneficiaries
  • Educating caregivers on healthy pregnancies, milestones to watch for with the knowledge of availability to engage early intervention if needed
  • Service support throughout the various stages of foster care (placement, monitoring, communications), changes in placement, aging out
Consistent Care:

Beneficiaries receive consistent messaging and support, with links to resources and tools to help them manage their daily living and stay in touch with their care team.

Care Coordinator Alerts:

Notifications when the designated caregiver changes within the foster care system, ensuring crucial resources and communications are delivered and beneficiary information stays current.

  • Pre-natal support and education
  • Postpartum/early childhood milestone checkpoints
  • Cognitive Brain Health
  • Early Detection of Developmental and Cognitive delays
  • Mental Health and Drug Adolescent Education Program
  • Transition-age Youth Support
  • Family Preservation and Reunification
  • Positive development and fostering of resilience for transition age youth
  • Improved family and social connectiveness
  • Increased awareness, access and utilization of resources available
  • Reduced cost of care
  • Reduced ER visits, inpatient admissions, length of stays and readmissions
  • Improved beneficiary satisfaction and provider joy in practice
  • Improved efficiency in care
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