Changing the Way Healthcare is Delivered

What is the future of healthcare technology? How is technology changing the landscape of the industry? Introducing the evolution of podcast media — a POVcast — where thought leaders share their points of view, expertise and ideas on innovative paradigms in healthcare delivery to manage chronic conditions. 

Tune in for an inside look into the world of healthcare technology engagement from experts, industry professionals and healthcare consumer users across the globe. 

Our POVcast will feature GoMo Health experts, industry professionals and patients. Expect intimate conversations that reveal… 

  • The vulnerability of the healthcare experience, and how to (creatively!) navigate healthcare as a professional and/or a patient
  • Hot takes on newsworthy topics
  • The latest industry trends in healthcare technology

The core of these features is the foundation of digital care management enabled by the GoMoHealth suite of mobile engagement programs and lifestyle modification pathways, designed to activate patients, members and professionals by delivering resources and choices in their moments of need. Healthcare technology and your podcast experience are about to collide in an unforgettable journey through the innovative world of digital health solutions.