Human Responsive
Even the latest and greatest technology, when used alone, cannot persuade a population to be engaged. Effective engagement relies on crafting an experience that’s tailored to the individual – from providing relevant content to delivering it in a way that’s familiar to the recipient. GoMo Health is committed to designing responsive, actionable technology that focuses on the person, not the device, for a uniquely personalized experience.

Always Improving
We are continuously improving our Concierge Care methodology and algorithms to combat the issues standing in the way of providing patients and members with the best care. Using our GoMo Health platform, health care professionals can collect population information such as behavioral characteristics, outlook, day-to-day lifestyle, and medical conditions to provide a unique engagement experience. Integrate our API with your EMR or EHR system for improved program effectiveness.

Personalized Communications
No one wants to be treated like one in a group of many. Throw those cookie cutter messages away and start engaging your members and patients in a way that’s customized to their condition and care situation. Concierge Care reinforces and mimics the “voice” of the HCP, personalizing communications to motivate patients to act in-the-moment, saving health care professionals time and enabling them to scale quality services to more people.

GoMo Health and the American Heart Association’s Center for Health Technology and Innovation: A Collaboration for Cardiovascular Disease Management

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Brown University Emergency Digital Health Innovation (eDHI):
A Collaboration to Transform Acute Care and Emergency Medicine

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