Monitor Patient Health Outside of
Traditional Clinical Settings

Remote Patient Monitoring: Blood Pressure Monitor and Thermometer

A “Clinic at Home” Model for Care Delivery

Through Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM), medical devices connect to the GoMo Health hub via Bluetooth, recording and storing data in the cloud for tracking and reporting. Over 150 devices are supported, including glucose meters, blood pressure readers, oximeters, scales, and thermometers. Using a web-based dashboard, clinical care teams are able to assess and act upon the collected data.

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Monitoring Moms’ Journeys to Save Lives

Mom’s Heart Matters (MHM) is an interactive digital therapeutic designed to reduce the disproportionately high hypertension-related mortality rate among postpartum women of color. The program utilizes Bluetooth enabled blood pressure cuffs combined with personalized delivery of health management resources to address clinical needs and social determinants of health to enable better health management. Hear directly from Heather Daniels, RN/BSN, Perinatal Services Director, Liberty Regional Medical Center about the real-life impact this program has had on the moms she works with.

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Thirty million US patients will use RPM tools by 2024.

Source: Insider Intelligence

Patients who use RPM enjoy the benefits of:

  • Measurement of vitals in a familiar and comfortable home environment

  • Reduced travel burden for those in rural areas

  • Hassle-free vital submission

  • Increased efficiencies with submission and review of metabolics

  • Decreased risk of exposure to COVID-19

RPM is right for your organization if your needs include:

  • Automated triage

  • Real-time access to alerts and historical data trends

  • Boosted billing and revenue related to RPM monitoring

  • Increased Patient Activation Measurements (PAM)

  • In-the-moment assessment and action on patient escalations

  • Extended reach of providers

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