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Thirty-five percent of chemotherapy drugs are now taken orally

As more cancer patients undergo chemotherapy at home in the form of oral drugs, cancer centers, and practices are now facing new challenges to ensure optimal care coordination, adherence, safety, and clinical outcomes. Today, a lack of standardization, coupled with ineffective lifestyle engagement, data, and analytics, has increased the risk of non-adherence and medication errors, negatively impacting patient outcomes.

Personal Concierge is right for your organization if your needs include:

  • Personalized behavioral care model to help patients throughout with their cancer journey

  • Reduction of readmissions and unnecessary Emergency Department visits

  • Maximized revenue through achieved outcome measures

  • A more cost-effective way to scale populations served

  • Improved patient satisfaction (HCAHPS)

  • Improved data collection for EMR

  • Improved physician and nurse joy in practice

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behavioralrx science

A new approach to delivering precision healthcare

Cognitive and behavioral principles of engagement are used to activate patients and members through BehavioralRx®, the science of precision health.  


Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey Personal Concierge Program

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Learn more about the Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey Concierge program, a Personal Concierge program created to interactively guide cancer patients through their treatment journey.

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