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Deliver NCCN and OCM required psychosocial distress screenings with Personal Concierge™

Easily automate the delivery and data collection of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) distress screening survey and Oncology Care Model (OCM) required Patient Health Questionaire (PHQ) 2 and 9 through GoMo Health Personal Concierge™ digital therapeutic for oncology.

Including the distress screening survey, distress thermometer, problem list, PHQ-2 and PHQ-9, GoMo Health Personal Concierge™ regularly distributes screenings for early detection of depression, anxiety, stress, and distress. Escalations are sent to case managers and social workers for in-the-moment intervention and support as needed.

Organizations using GoMo Health Personal Concierge for oncology have measured:

  • A 5x increase in ePRO

  • An 88% retention rate of enrolled participants

  • 24% OCM distress screening completion rate
  • Hundreds of adverse events escalated and avoided in real-time
oncology distress screening

Remote care management maximizes OCM and telehealth payments

Through the distribution of surveys and screenings, organizations can consistently:

How it works

Through the GoMo Health “How Are You Doing™?” screener, patients are regularly sent simple questions related to distress levels.

Oncology Distress Survey Text Message

How it works

If the patient indicates that they are experiencing a level of distress of 4 or higher, the patient is asked to complete the distress survey in its entirety, including the problem list detailing specific stressors.

oncology distress survey

How it works

Based on the patient’s response to the survey, an escalation process may be executed.

oncology distress survey

How it works

Symptoms and challenges indicated by each individual taking the survey are explained and supported on their personalized web page, making content immediately available to help them self-manage their concerns.

Patients may also receive follow-up messages for updates on the symptoms they have been experiencing, and if the information provided was of help, or more information is needed.

Rutgers CINJ distress survey

Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey oncology digital therapeutic program measurements

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retention rate of enrolled participants.
OCM Distress Screening surveys completed.
potential adverse events avoided through data collected and escalated in real-time.

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