Provide patient self-activated access to mandated information, allowing them to read, understand, and acknowledge their comprehension prior to discharge

discharge concierge
discharge concierge

Streamline the hospital discharge process
with increased compliance

With Discharge Concierge, state-mandated pre-discharge patient education is delivered directly to patients for optimal cognition. In a fully automated yet highly personalized experience, resources are accessible via any web-enabled device – with inpatients reviewing content at their own pace, indicating completed content in an interactive checklist, noting any questions in a live notepad, and requesting nurse time for clarification only as needed. Patient completion is linked automatically via API to the patient’s electronic medical record, yielding a 100% turnkey process.

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The science and method of patient engagement is as important to outcomes as the clinical protocols themselves. Using BehavioralRx, a proprietary science, GoMo Health personalizes engagement by leveraging proven cognitive and psychological techniques to stimulate in-the-moment actions.

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Activate patients
with Discharge Concierge

Free up nurses to practice at the top of their license, focusing on delivery of expert clinical care while reducing time spent on non-clinical care of patients. Automating the patient education process provides patients with the resources they need to feel confident to manage their own care when they leave the hospital, saving time and reducing cost.

Patients review content specific to their condition that can be independently completed through an easy-to-navigate, intuitive online portal. Discharge Concierge keeps track of progress and encourages patients to complete their checklist.

Provide patients with the resources needed to self-complete state-mandated, “need-to-know” content prior to discharge. Organize your content by department, condition, or specific educational regimens for easy deployment.

Discharge Concierge remembers where patients left off, returning to the last viewed document if they close the portal for any reason. To keep things moving, nurses can check on patient progress and prepare responses to submitted questions in advance.

Patients can send educational materials to themselves, family, or caregivers via email or text (SMS) message for future reference and review, ensuring they still have access to their content after they leave the hospital.

Patients can document questions in Discharge Concierge, prompting discussion with the nurse as needed. If patients have no questions, they proceed independently through the content to completion.

Utilizing a real-time API integration, Discharge Concierge™ can connect directly to your EMR/EHR to track and document progress to ensure compliance with healthcare laws and regulations.

This solution is right for your organization if your needs include:

  • Staff practicing at the top of their license
  • Increased Joy in Practice

  • Automating the patient education experience

  • Patient activation

  • Satisfying JCAHO teach-back requirements
  • ePRO: documentation of completion
  • Reduced cost of care

  • Improved population health

  • Elimination of unnecessary readmissions

Client use cases
Discharge Concierge for a more streamlined discharge process

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