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A maternal and child health program designed exclusively for health, language, and literacy development.

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improving childhood literacy

Laying the foundation for a successful life

A child’s first years are perhaps the most important because they lay the foundation for the rest of their life. Early childhood education, language, and literacy development is a top priority; the human brain is the most receptive to learning between birth and three years of age. Early education has been linked to both cognitive and socio-emotional gains. Unfortunately, only one-in-three students read proficiently by third grade. 


Helping to further the impact of early childhood education

GoMo EarlyCare delivers personalized guidance via mobile device to women or caregivers throughout pregnancy and baby’s early childhood through age 8. Using Personal Concierge™ and BehavioralRx®, our proprietary science, GoMo EarlyCare programs personalize engagement by leveraging proven cognitive and psychological techniques to stimulate in-the-moment action and response. 

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Help with the most important job
– caring for mom and baby

GoMo EarlyCare offers interactive content specifically geared to the timing of the patient’s pregnancy and their child’s age. Housed in a mobile library that can be accessed at anytime, GoMo EarlyCare content supports children’s growth and developmental milestones, and includes:  

This solution is right for your organization if your needs include:

  • Age-specific guidance to care for children

  • Language nutrition

  • Content developed, reviewed, and approved by expert healthcare providers, educators, and behavioral technologists

  • Integration with book and literacy partners

  • Multi-lingual messaging and content

  • Turnkey programming that is ready to go to market

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A new approach to delivering precision healthcare

Cognitive and behavioral principles of engagement are used to activate patients and members through BehavioralRx®, the science of precision health. BehavioralRx is a behavioral and cognitive science that has proven to increase human resiliency, resulting in better patient health outcomes, increased clinical joy in practice, and reduced physician and nurse fatigue.  

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