Project Description

Tallahatchie Early Learning Alliance

Promoting sustainable, early childhood education and literacy

The Tallahatchie Early Learning Alliance (TELA) is a nonprofit supported by the Tallahatchie River Foundation, the Mississippi Pre-K Collaborative Grant, as well as local donors.  

TELA believes that when children Thrive By 3rd grade, their lifelong success drives a promising future for society. The organization invests in early childhood education throughout Mississippi communities that collaborate, achieve, and sustain efforts to improve child outcomes by 3rd grade. 

Working together with GoMo Health, the Tallahatchie Early Learning Alliance sought ways to increase awareness of the importance of early education and also provide families, educators, and communities with tools for developing children’s language and literacy at home.

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  • Enhance child literacy including vocabulary and reading skills.

  • Jumpstart child development through multi-sensory engagement and activities. 

  • Increase parent-baby/child engagement through interactive activities. 

  • Increase physical activity. 

  • Enhance child development through proper child care and healthcare. 

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GoMo Health leveraged its proprietary emerging science, BehavioralRx, the science of precision health, to build the program and determine the engagement strategy, approach, and content delivered.

The following behavioral and cognitive techniques were applied:

  • Influence Technology / Persuasion through shared decision making. 

  • Anchoring Technology / Cognitively connecting a desired action with an existing everyday activity.

  • Reduction Technology / Persuading through simplifying.

  • Tailoring Technology / Persuasion through customization. 

  • Nurturing Technology / Guided persuasion. 

  • Suggestion Technology / Intervening at the right time.

  • Conditioning Technology / Reinforcing target behavior. 

Helping Children in Mississippi Thrive by 3rd 

Thrive by 3rd Tips is a Childhood Education Program designed to engage with parents and caregivers to promote early childhood literacy, learning, health, and wellness for children ages 0-8 years old.  

This opt-in program sends educational text messages with links to resources to each participant with a deep focus on key childhood education topics. All messages are personalized for each child’s educational goals and age as indicated during the enrollment process.

Tallahatchie Early Learning Alliance

Personalized educational resources for parents, educators, and communities

Parents or caregivers enrolled in Thrive by 3rd receive between one and five text messages per week, per child, for the duration of the program. The messages contain important, personalized information, and resources pertaining to:  

Literacy, learning, and brain development

  • Early shaping in brain development techniques  
  • Language and literacy milestones  
  • Reading / writing techniques and activities
  • Incorporation of Vroom and Talk with Me Baby

Health and child-rearing best practices

  • Post-delivery support
  • Breastfeeding
  • Emotional health and support
  • Creating a crying plan (P-U-R-P-L-E)
  • General health and wellness
  • Physical growth and health milestones
  • Activities and lifestyle tips

Every 6 months, a feedback survey is sent out to participants, collecting information to improve the program and updating personalized support as needed to help acheive each child’s goals.

The power of GoMo EarlyCare at your fingertips

Participants can access a comprehensive content provided by Thrive by 3rd Tips at any time by visiting the GoMo EarlyCare Mobile Library. This Learning Management System (LMS), powered by GoMo Health’s Care Companion, provides credible, educational content that is sequentially structured into sections and topics to promote independent learning.

GoMo EarlyCare is a market ready program with content developed by expert health care providers, educators, and behavioral scientists. The GoMo EarlyCare program is a collaboration between Empowered Education and GoMo Health.

GoMo EarlyCare Thrive by 3rd

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