A cloud-based learning management system for healthcare

Learning management system for pharma

The future of healthcare education engagement

As a cloud-based learning management system, the Care Companion includes a personalized, searchable library of content, dynamically populated to support the treatment protocol of each individual and considering program participants’ interests and needs indicated in their initial onboarding survey. Ongoing programmatic surveys and feedback enable real-time content updates to the Companion, and as treatment plans update, the content within the Companion is adjusted to support patients’ evolving needs.

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A dynamic resource for content management & guided learning activation

The Care Companion provides a place to hold your content that is delivered not only based on topic areas of interest but according to each participant’s self-expressed preferred learning style.

Content can include things like:

  • HTML or PDF content

  • Videos

  • Quizzes or Surveys

  • Audio such as songs or podcasts

Care Companion

Information retention by users of learning management systems improves by 25-30%.

Users of the Care Companion enjoy the benefits of

  • Independent education and learning, engagement and treatment adherence

  • Self-activation and resource identification

  • The ability to share learnings via text or email

  • Immediate, personalized support delivered anywhere, at any time

  • No app to download

The Care Companion is right for your organization if your needs include

  • Decreased cost of care management

  • Proactive approach to remote care management

  • Reduces unnecessary hospital readmissions

  • Increased Joy in Practice


The Care Companion offers a single place to house your program content. Use in conjunction with our other Concierge Care solutions as the main destination to drive users to.

Track Progress
& Acknowledgement

Track individual user progress or require acknowledgment that material was read, viewed, or listened to.


Content is displayed based on areas of interest, specific requirements, preferred learning style, and more.


Users can submit specific questions that come up while reviewing content. Questions can be automatically sent to an administrator to check and answer.


Important questions sometimes demand immediate answers. Integrate with our 2-way GoMo Chat system to immediately escalate inquiries or requests to a customer service rep or administrator for 1:1 assistance.


Share content and resources via social media, email, or text message. A great way to share knowledge or attract new users to your campaign or program.

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