Autism Spectrum Disorder

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ASD is a lifelong condition, underscoring the need for ongoing support.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) affects 1 in 54 adults in the US, with its prevalence soaring over the past two decades from 1 in 150 children to 1 in 44. ASD disrupts social interaction, communication, and behavior, necessitating robust resources and support. Addressing these gaps through tailored education, enhanced health services, inclusive workplaces, and community understanding can greatly improve the lives of those with ASD and their caregivers. Early intervention, coupled with comprehensive healthcare, is key to fostering holistic well-being for individuals with ASD.

ASD in the Foster Care and Welfare System

An individual’s ASD diagnosis presents unique challenges within foster care and welfare systems, demanding a nuanced understanding and tailored support framework. Children in foster care with ASD often face heightened vulnerabilities due to disrupted family environments and the trauma associated with placement changes. Additionally, navigating these systems can be particularly daunting for caregivers and social workers who may not be equipped with the specialized knowledge needed to address the complex needs of children with ASD. The GoMo Health Child Welfare Engagement Hub engages and activates individuals in the child welfare system. We merge behavioral science with consumer engagement, empowering individuals for better outcomes through our BehavioralRx® approach.

Pain Points and How We Can Help

Enhance ASD program engagement and outcomes in:

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Providing comprehensive healthcare services and early intervention programs for individuals with ASD.

Developing tailored educational approaches and vocational training programs to support individuals with ASD.

Improving access to mental health resources and support systems for individuals and families affected by ASD.

Creating inclusive workplaces and fostering community understanding to reduce stigma surrounding ASD and support individuals in the workforce.

Advocating for resources, assistance, and community support for individuals and families affected by ASD.

Evidence-based content grounded in behavioral science principles

Our program provides crucial support for individuals with ASD and their caregivers. GoMo Health autism program highlights:

Concierge Care is right for you if your organization’s needs include:

  • Providing early detection resources
  • Reduction in “crisis events” (or events requiring intervention)

  • Increased utilization of available resources
  • Educating and providing support to caregivers caring for someone with autism

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