Recovery Pathways: Workplace™

A suite of resources for both employers and employees to foster a recovery-ready workplace

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The Future of Work and Wellbeing: Creating a Psychologically Safe Culture of Support and Belonging

Recovery Pathways: Workplace™ is an innovative solution driven by AI and behavioral science for all impacted by substance use disorder (SUD) in the workplace. Whether you’re a concerned employer or an employee with substance use challenges, Recovery Pathways delivers personalized (and timely) support from prevention to diagnosis, treatment, and management.

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The Importance of Building a Recovery-Ready Workplace

Recovery Pathways: Workplace in Action

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Psychological Safety: Empowering open conversations free from stigma, judgement, and negative impact

Resources provided to employees and supervisors include:

  • Education on coping, resiliency, and mindfulness
  • Tools to use for communication, meditation, and focus
  • Building self-trust and trust in others

  • Making healthy choices for you and your loved one

  • Depression, anxiety, and SUD risk screenings

  • Extra support during risky time

Recovery Pathways: Workplace Impacts People and Process

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  • Self-recognition of signs and symptoms
  • Reinforcing psychological safety to encourage open communication about substance misuse
  • Understanding and simplified access to company benefits for SUD management
  • Guidance to manage one’s own or a loved one’s SUD diagnosis, treatment, and recovery
  • Training and education on appropriate communication with employees
  • Recognition of indicators or warning signs of potential issues
  • Situational management following a revealed SUD
  • Reduced human impact of addiction and mental illness on workplace performance – including absenteeism, culture, and morale
  • Diminished costs associated with high turnover, rehiring, and retraining
  • Recognition as a recovery-friendly workplace

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