Maternal and Child Health

Personalized guidance from prenatal through baby’s early childhood

Research shows that nurturing a child’s development through age 8 is crucial to reach appropriate physical, emotional, and cognitive milestones. As new moms juggle caring for baby, they need to remember to care for themselves as well. Data shows that busy moms are seeking simple, accessible solutions to use in their daily lives.


Concierge Care is right for you if your organization needs include:

  • Managing risk for new moms and baby

  • Transition support

  • Increased patient satisfaction

  • Reduced cost of healthcare delivery

  • Higher quality measures and HEDIS scores

  • Personalized patient engagement

  • Improved clinical outcomes

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Our turnkey childhood education and literacy solution designed to deliver timely, personalized support to mothers and mothers to be.

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Community Concierge™

Automates the collection of health risk assessment data while providing early identification of health risks for mom and baby.

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Bedside Concierge™

Provides moms with the ability to submit non-clinical comfort requests during their hospital stay, ensuring a positive inpatient experience.

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Discharge Concierge™

Allow new moms to easily navigate, understand, and complete state-mandated care management education before being discharged from the hospital.

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A new approach to delivering precision healthcare

Cognitive and behavioral principles of engagement are used to activate patients and members through BehavioralRx®, the science of precision health. Learn more about BehavioralRx »

Maternal Child Health Report

Learn how GoMo Health is improving healthcare outcomes for mothers, caregivers, and children around the world.

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