My Caregiver Compass™

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A gateway to better health by offering real-time access to a wealth of caregiving resources.

Welcome to the My Caregiver Compass program, designed specifically to support caregivers, particularly those caring for loved ones with neurocognitive disorders. This program isn’t just a resource—it’s a gateway to better health by offering real-time access to a wealth of caregiving resources:

  • Informative training videos

  • Invaluable respite care options

  • Medicare benefit navigation

  • One-on-one interactions with a dedicated case manager

Caregivers need more than just support—they deserve comprehensive, personalized care solutions that lighten their load and empower them to successfully manage newfound responsibilities that add to their typical daily demands.

Caregiver Health and Wellness

For years, researchers have recognized the detrimental impact of caregiving on caregivers’ mental health. Recent studies further reveal that caregiving can significantly impact physical health as well. This is reinforced by the finding that 17 percent of caregivers report that their overall health has deteriorated due to their caregiving duties, according to the AARP Public Policy Institute.

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Program Objective

The My Caregiver Compass program provides practical resources to caregivers to help them manage the unique responsibilities they face by providing comprehensive interactive support and training to not only enhance the well-being of their care recipients, but also their own. This program demonstrates a commitment to prioritizing caregivers’ own needs, including access to self-care practices and peer support to manage the emotional and physical impact of caregiving.

Program Impact on Caregivers

  • 74% decrease in isolation

  • 35% decrease in depression

  • 6% reduction in stress

Program Benefits for Caregivers

Receive daily, personalized support messages tailored to personally identified needs and challenges, whether it’s managing stress, coping with depression, or providing physical assistance to a care recipient.

Access self-paced caregiver training videos covering a range of topics like caregiver stress management, care provider basics, Alzheimer’s and dementia essentials, fall prevention, and personal care.

Experience holistic support for emotional, mental, and physical well-being through empathetic guidance, coping strategies, and immediate access to education and tools.

Access caregiver training and support instantly, including guidance on Medicare entitlements, respite care options, stress-relief techniques, and personalized human assistance.

Offers participants stress coping skills, peer stories, and support to better balance their caregiver responsibilities, work commitments, and daily tasks.

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Program Key Features

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Leverage data analytics and AI to create customized interactions that resonate personally with each program participant.

Uncover stakeholder behavioral insights through sophisticated algorithms and BehavioralRx® predictive modeling, optimizing strategies to influence decision-making and drive positive outcomes.

Our flexible platform accommodates organizations of all sizes, providing cost-effective solutions that deliver maximum impact.

We are committed to ongoing optimization and refinement, leveraging real-time feedback and performance data to drive continuous improvement.

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