This outcomes report shows the results of Personal Concierge used as an outpatient digital therapeutic for oncology that delivers personalized, supportive messaging to patients. Messaging included in the program includes the delivery of the How Are You Doing? survey, an automated distress screening survey, and problem solver. Through the use of the How Are You Doing? survey, patients are regularly screened for signs of stress or distress, with responses triaged to provide the appropriate level of support.  

Download the report in its entirety to see the results of distribution of the automated distress screening survey, including a total of 555 issues and escalations measured and resolved through the program.

Oncology Outcomes Report Preview Mockup

Figures in the report include:

  • Program enrollment, including patient and caregiver breakdown
  • How Are You Doing? survey distribution and completion rate
  • Number of escalations resolved via bot and clinical care team
  • Top escalation issues measured and insight into the primary support area needed for oncology patients

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