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Bob Gold, CEO of GoMo Health


Behavioral Technologist,
Population Health and Lifestyle Communications Expert

One of the world’s leading behavioral technologists with more than 20 years applied research and development in the behavioral and cognitive science of human engagement focused on motivation and persuasion.

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Elizabeth Abadiotakis OTD, OTR/L


Pediatric Occupational Therapist

Liz Abadiotakis, OTD, OTR/L, is a doctor of occupational therapy specializing in pediatrics. Liz has over 18 years of experience creating and presenting custom content for diverse audiences, including healthcare professionals, parent associations, and business administrators. Her background in occupational therapy, coupled with her data-driven thinking and passion for action offers a strong base from which to target the goals of any organization.

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Gary Branning Headshot


Pharmaceutical Leader and Keynote Speaker; Assistant Professor, Rutgers Business School, Graduate Program; President, Managed Market Resources

Gary is a Professor at Rutgers Graduate School of Business in Pharmaceutical Management and President of MMR, a health care consulting company, in Mount Olive, New Jersey offering various healthcare stakeholders’ innovative solutions for navigating the complex U.S. market.

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Didi Deitcher Headshot


Part-time lecturer, School of Social Work, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

Didi is a part-time lecturer at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, in the School of Social Work, where she teaches Social Work. Ms. Deitcher has more than 22 years’ experience working directly with children and their families to support and streamline their educational experience.

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Patricia Diesel Headshot


Keynote Speaker,
Author, Coach

Patricia will share with you her personal journey back to health and teach you how to become your own health detective and advocate with her holistic approach. With her proven tips and strategies, Patricia can show you how to take immediate action toward productive change. You will be MOTIVATED and ENERGIZED beyond what you ever thought possible.

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Alex Guerrero Headshot


Surgeon-in-Chief and President,
Intertrauma Consulting

Alex Guerrero is a trauma surgeon in New York City. He is the founder of InterTrauma Consulting, a virtual department of surgery providing clinical and consultative services to Trauma Centers and Burn Units in the US. As an experienced clinician and a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons, he is also the principal investigator on several large, population-based injury research projects in Africa.

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Jay Fischer Headshot


Managing Partner,
Calibre Consulting Group

As an executive, management consultant, and entrepreneur, Jay Fischer has earned a reputation for achieving business growth in challenging consumer and business markets in diverse industries. As Managing Partner at Calibre Consulting Group, Jay helps companies get product and service innovation adopted and used by more customers.  

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Dr. Stephen Lazoritz Headshot


Chief Medical Officer,
GoMo Health

Stephen Lazoritz, MD, CPE is the GoMo Health Chief Medical Officer and Director of the Maternal Child Health and Development Global Network. Steve’s focus continues to be on advancing the integrated physical and emotional care of women and their babies. 

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Dr. Merritt Headshot


Patient is Partner, LLC

Greg has spent the past several years studying, speaking and writing on the topic of authentic patient partnerships in research and clinical settings. His partnerships have included Michigan Medicine, PCORI funded projects (clinical trials), Ascension-Michigan, Ensign, Savvy Coop, WeGo Health and CTTI.

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Linda Riddell Headshot


Health Economy, LLC

Linda Riddell’s background as an epidemiologist who specializes on poverty and her interest in the brain came together to create gettin’ by, a game which puts players through the same brain changes that happen to a person living in poverty.

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Roger Saadeh Headshot


Pharmacist (RPH)

Roger Saadeh is an accomplished, experienced professional. He has more than 20 years of experience impacting all facets of the healthcare and pharmaceutical sector — including the pharmaceutical supply chain, marketing, reimbursement, and commercialization. He has successfully aligned business strategy and operational goals. 

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Shelley Schoenfeld Headshot


Behavioral Technologist and
Population Health/Lifestyle Communications Expert

As GoMo Health’s Population Health Lifestyle Communications Expert, Shelley provides a 5-star concierge perspective to the patient journey throughout the continuum of care, with an eye on elevating the complete experience for patients, caregivers, and clinical care providers. 

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Curt Steinhorst Headshot


Focuswise Inc.

Curt Steinhorst is on a mission to help today’s workforce win the battle against digital distractions. After studying the impact of tech on human behavior, he now equips professionals across the world to work smarter and stronger in this connected age. Curt is a leading voice on strategic communications in the age of distraction and a certified speaker at the Center for Generational Kinetics.

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Roger Thurow Headshot


Author and Senior Fellow, Global Food and Agriculture The Chicago Council on Global Affairs

Roger Saadeh is an accomplished, experienced professional. He has more than 20 years of experience impacting all facets of the healthcare and pharmaceutical sector—including the pharmaceutical supply chain, marketing, reimbursement, and commercialization. He has successfully aligned business strategy and operational goals. 

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Some of our
areas of expertise

  • Building relationships

  • Clinical trial adherence

  • Clinical trial retention

  • Continuum of care communication and resiliency

  • Cost-effective compliance

  • Driving product and service preference

  • Enhancing business value

  • Key behavioral and cognitive motivators

  • Leveraging mobile engagement

  • Motivation, influence, and action

  • Patient activation

  • Patient-centered engagement

  • Patient experience

  • Patient/member mobility lifestyle engagement

  • Reimbursements

  • Relationship care

  • Remote care coordination

  • Specialty management

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Just a few of our
speaking topics

Presentation Abstract:

BehavioralRx is a methodology and behavioral communications platform that uses proven psychological techniques and leverages people’s innate behavioral and emotional attributes (such as trust, credibility, reciprocity) to motivate actions, in-the-moment, as part of a person’s daily life at home, work, and play. It is becoming an essential element for remote care coordination and tele-health and a major component of home health. The BehavioralRx solution is capable of delivering personalized conversations with the modern healthcare consumer at enterprise scale. Our GoMo Health solution integrates a scalable multi-channel technology platform (any combination of email, text, digital (web/mobile), live agent, mail or phone) to empower patients with the right information to take charge of their healthcare.


In today’s hectic lifestyle patients and their caregivers are constantly on the go, busy, and stressed. What is it that motivates or inspires a person to take an immediate action? Reciprocate? Change a habit? Take a pill? Use a home medical device? Be resilient? And become open to following advice of a healthcare professional? The voice and style of mobility engagement sends subtle social clues that either connects to a person’s personal brand or drives them further away…what are those social clues? What are the human factors that make a difference?

The BehavioralRx Solution assists health care providers to extend the reach of care and condition management; population management, wellness and preventive care; medication adherence; and patient satisfaction and retention.

For pharmaceutical clients, it represents the future for “beyond the pill” strategies to provide better patient management, education and even feedback on a therapy. As chronic disease populations grow, and therapies become more complicated, both patients and their caregivers are receptive to assistance in managing disease and drug therapy.

Learning Objectives:

  • Strategies and methods designed to increase trust, credibility, and raise the believability of your brand or products
  • The big difference between Human Responsive vs. Device Responsive Design
  • No Two People Are Alike: The art and science of in-the-moment personalization
  • Top 5 Mistakes in Remote Patient Engagement
  • How to Blend Digital and Human interactions into one conversation flow
  • How to Design solutions that participate in the New (CMS) Reimbursement and Capitated Healthcare Payment Models

Session Background:

As healthcare realizes the need to blend and connect social services and environmental-human factors with integrated behavioral and physical health, we need new models of correlated care plans and clinical pathways. This interactive educational session introduces a remote psycho-social engagement method and framework that uses an evidence-based behavioral science methodology with mobile technology to enable better activation of the therapy within a person’s lifestyle and environment of need.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this session, attendees will be able to:

  • Create telehealthcare models that personalize therapies in a person’s social environment of need
  • Apply proven techniques to align & synchronize remote digital therapeutics with in-person therapies
  • Increase productivity, scalability, and impact of specialty pharmacy care team
  • Collect lifestyle and personal determinant data used to increase precision treatment & medicine
  • Better position their drug in value-based contracting by applying proven techniques to decrease costs & improve health outcomes
  • Improve joy in practice & reduce clinical fatigue

Course Content

  • Digital Therapeutic Behavioral Engagement Models
    Will use real-life use cases to demonstrate the application of behavioral science to digital therapeutic models for remote care plans and multi-stakeholder coordination. 
  • Individualizing & Integrating Social Service Needs into a Remote Care Plan
    Will showcase a few landmark use cases and the outcomes of actualizing “WholeCare” by enabling tighter integration with available social and health services.
  • Digital Therapeutics Techniques to Activate the In-Person Therapy Learnings In Person’s Environment of Need
    Experiential: The audience will experience being a person served and the digital therapeutic engagement and interactions.
  • Operational Best Practices for Care Team and Call Center Coaches to Best Utilize Tele-Health Remote Support
    Will use real-life use cases and outcomes from the perspective of the clinical care team and call specialists/health coaches.
  • Learnings & Insights Gained from Collecting Day-to-Day Lifestyle Data on Person Served
    Will present new models of data analysis, combining Lifestyle & Clinical Informatics that support more precision treatment and engagement protocols

Session Background:

The patient experience needs to be treated as a lifestyle journey instead of a series of disjointed episodes of care in order to increase satisfaction and adherence to medication therapy. 

This interactive session will demonstrate, via evidence-based outcomes from live use cases, how to integrate best practices and lessons learned in consumer loyalty and hospitality programs into your patient engagement and value-based programs. 

Learning Objectives

At the end of this session, attendees will be able to:

  • Increase believability (trust & credibility) in the medicine and therapy so patients stay the course longer
  • Build confidence in a patient’s self-assessed ability to modify a behavior to get healthier
  • Engage family members and caregivers to increase adherence
  • Develop a cost-effective “loyalty system” that blends human and mobile engagement in one care model
  • Participate at higher levels in plan & provider value-based programs

Target Audience:

Clinical Directors, Hospital Executives, Population Health, Patient Experience

Presentation Mission:

To educate the audience, using real live use cases, on the evidence-based methods and outcomes of a behavioral and cognitive science of personalized patient engagement and care coordination for highly complex and chronic conditions applied to transitions of care, gaps in care, and managed long-term care.

Presentation Topic: Precision Health and Network Integration Best Practices:

Industry drivers necessitate changing how healthcare systems and providers engage patients relating to the delivery of clinical processes that achieve measurable business and patient outcomes. The science and method on how we engage a patient is as important to precision medicine and adherence as the drug itself and its associated clinical protocols. In fact, a lifestyle based patient engagement system of care provides back information that improves the ability of clinicians to render a more precise diagnosis and treatment therapy.

The changing roles and influence of stakeholders along the care continuum call for a more cross-functional, collaborative customer model. Health systems need to evolve their care plans to meet and exceed the quadruple aim of improving health outcomes, increasing patient satisfaction, reducing cost of care, and increases joy in practice (reduce physician/nurse fatigue) to effectively compete in the new value, incentive based, and risk adjusted reimbursement and payment models. This includes new blended human and digital care coordination methods that maximize value-based reimbursements while keeping overall fixed costs in line to produce better margins.

  • To achieve any measurable outcomes healthcare delivery must be viewed from the perspective of a PATIENT JOURNEY ​rather than an EPISODIC ENCOUNTER. ​ BehavioralRx is the science of personalized patient engagement; an emerging behavioral and cognitive science using proven psychological techniques and leveraging emotional attributes (such as trust, credibility, reciprocity) and cognition (brain encoding, storage, retrieval) to motivate in-the-moment actions at home, work and play.

In this session, you will discover: 

  1. Community Brand Visibility: How to increase patient satisfaction while building brand presence
  2. Readmissions: Strategies and Methods to Reduce Unnecessary Readmissions
  3. Scale: More Cost-Effective Way to Scale Populations Served
  4. HCAHPS: increase trust, credibility, and raise the believability of your brand
  5. Referrals and Network Integration: How to bridge the communications gap between your hospital, PCP and specialists that result in more referrals
  6. Data: Increase of highly relevant lifestyle data collected for more accurate diagnosis, therapies, and engagement.
  7. Care Coordination Model: How to blend digital and human interactions into one conversation flow
  8. Revenue and Reimbursement: Designing care coordination models that participate in the new (CMS) and private payer value-based reimbursement models
  9. Practicing at Top of License: Increase joy in practice and reduce fatigue/burn-out to improve physician and nurse recruitment and retention


Today’s patients are akin to any consumer – they are “shopping” competitive, crowded healthcare space to find the best care, experience, personal connection, comfort level and value.  To garner each potential patient, it’s important to differentiate yourself not only through the clinical care that you provide, but the way in which you deliver it.

What are the unique attributes that distinctly position your brand and establish trust and credibility with patients to positively affect their healthcare management decisions and encourage them to select your brand over another?  How do you message, support and deliver your brand promises to provide the most excellent patient experience?

In this session, you will discover:

  • Strategies and methods designed to increase trust, credibility and raise the believability of your brand.
  • Methods to improve the patient experience while interactively engaging with patients in real-time, conveying to them that their positive experience is your top priority.
  • Positioning for improved HCAHPS scores and increased Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements.
  • Innovative solutions that offload nursing teams from managing non-clinical requests – and allow them to focus on patient care.
  • Mechanisms to respond to patient needs more efficiently by enabling open lines of communication to the departments that can accommodate their non-clinical needs.

Although the main goal of all stakeholders is to have healthy members and patients, the incentives of different stakeholders are not always in alignment; pharmacies and pharma want to fill more scripts, health plans want to save money, and health systems need new techniques and delivery methods for patient acquisition and retention that are actually profitable. Hear how all of the players fit into the paradigm and learn ways to better align incentives and promote value and quality outcomes within the industry.

  • Population Health models that align incentives between stakeholders, whether value-based or performance-based.
  • The Patient Journey and the PBM: The role of the PBM in achieving higher levels of network integration and keeping the patient in-network throughout their patient journey and co-morbidities.
  • It’s Not Just Technology: How to blend digital technology and human case managers/nurse navigators into a seamless care coordination methodology that has proven to reduce costs, increase clinical Joy in Practice, and improve patient outcomes and satisfaction.

Target Audience:

This session is for life science professionals seeking to create patient-centered trial initiatives that have meaningful value to the patient, investigators, study site and sponsor.

Presentation Abstract:

The commercial world of healthcare is moving towards a value-based reimbursement model based on proving adoption and activation of medication by various populations. For pharmaceutical companies, it is no longer just about the efficacy of the medicine and compliance with prescriptions, but providing methods to increase adherence to the protocols designed to improve the health condition. The BehavioralRx science is deployed to millions of patients in partnership with health systems and health plans to have an evidence-based method to meet new requirements while being able to cost effectively scale populations served.

BehavioralRx is a methodology and behavioral communications platform that uses proven psychological techniques and leverages people’s innate behavioral and emotional attributes (such as trust, credibility, reciprocity) to motivate actions, based on their personal preferences. It has been proven as an essential element for remote care coordination and tele-health and a major component of home health.

By applying this proven patient centered engagement methodology to your clinical trials, you can increase recruitment and retention while reducing the time, stress, and frustration of both the patients participating and the investigators.  Concurrently, this will enable clinical trials to produce Comparative Effectiveness Research (CER) for Population Health Management (addressing new industry requirements) in order to be placed in a higher tier by both payers and providers.

Learning Objectives:

  • How to apply patient-centric methods that attract patient participants as well as qualified physician investigators
  • New methods for patient personalized and always available trial advisors that reduce the investigator site time, stress, and hassle
  • No Two People Are Alike: The art and science of in-the-moment personalization for adherence, behavior changes and patient journey insights
  • Learn how to integrate telehealth, telemedicine and transition care into your clinical process protocols
  • How to best triage data from home health devices and other third party sources to benefit patient outcomes.


The Caregiver Advise, Record, Enable (CARE) Act, a recent effort spearheaded by AARP, is poised to help hospitals and caregivers work together to provide better care for patients as outpatients. The legislation focuses on designating a caregiver at check-in, notifying them of the patient’s movement through the health system, and instructing them on tasks they must take on after discharge. Technology, specifically mobile messaging, has the ability to help hospitals comply with the act and provide health care professionals with a way to deliver important condition information in-the-moment.

Learning Objectives:

  • How the CARE Act is affecting hospitals and health systems
  • Effective methods for engaging patients and caregivers outside the hospital
  • Strategic communications and mobile engagement tactics
  • How to integrate human and digital interactions into one conversation

A sampling of our previous hosts

Our keynote speakers provide education, training, and consulting to healthcare organizations across the globe, personalizing the healthcare journey from beginning to end.

“Your participation certainly contributed to our success and we appreciate it.  Again thank you for your support. You have been wonderful to work with.”

Hackensack Meridian

“Your session, Behavioral Rx, it was by far one of the best presentations at the conference.  We’re huge fans of what you guys are doing at the boot-at-the-ground level for patients who direly need clinical work practices that communicate with greater efficacy.”

HIMSS 2.0/Summit of the Southeast Attendee

“Your presentation at the Central Jersey Think Tank was excellent! You gave simple, practical advice.”

Central Jersey Think Tank Attendee
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