Chronic Pain


Millions of people suffer from muscle, joint, and neck soreness or discomfort by chronic pain

Chronic pain is the number one cause of long-term disability in the United States and affects more Americans than diabetes, heart disease, and cancer combined. Delivering personalized guidance to patients with chronic pain in their moment of need can help them better manage their condition and improve their resiliency.

Concierge Care is right for your organization if your needs include:

  • Physician and nurse joy in practice

  • Reduced costs of care for patients suffering from chronic pain

  • Improved operating margins

  • Solutions designed to treat a person, not just the disease

  • Personalized behavioral care model to help patients manage their chronic pain

  • A more cost-effective way to scale populations served

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A new approach to delivering precision healthcare

Cognitive and behavioral principles of engagement are used to activate patients and members through BehavioralRx®, the science of precision health.  


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See it in action

Download our white paper which details the outcomes from the OPENtext program, made available to the Rhode Island Medicaid Communities of Care. The program used BehavioralRx and Personal Concierge to help Medicaid patients with chronic pain who are high utilizers of the Emergency Department (ED) proactively manage their needs and reduce unnecessary ED visits. 

Download the white paper »