Project Description

Sun Pharma Sumatriptan Injection Mobile Website

Encouraging patient compliance while meeting the needs of regulatory authorities

In order to answer the request of regulatory authorities, Sun Pharma and GoMo Health developed a mobile site to provide consumers educational resources detailing the proper administration of Sumatriptan Succinate Injectable, as well as increase medication compliance among its users.

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Mobile Website Development
Cognitive Techniques BehavioralRx®

Our Goal

Improve consumer education and medication
utilization compliance.

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Providing easy consumer access to mobile content

To reach Sun Pharma’s on-the-go users of Sumatriptan Succinate Injections, GoMo Health developed an interactive mobile accessible via URL, QR Code, or text (SMS) keyword printed on both the inside and outside of the product packaging. Through this mini-portal, consumers could access information such as:

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GoMo Health leveraged its proprietary emerging science, BehavioralRx, the science of precision health, to build the program and determine the engagement strategy, approach and content delivered.

The following behavioral and cognitive techniques were applied:

  • Nurturing Technology / Guided persuasion.

  • Suggestion Technology / Intervening at the right time.

  • Reduction Technology / Persuading through simplifying.

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