Discharge Concierge™ Has Launched at Pascack Valley Medical Center!

Discharge Concierge™ Has Launched at Pascack Valley Medical Center!

GoMo Health is excited to announce the launch of our newest Concierge Care® solution, Discharge Concierge™, at Pascack Valley Medical Center in Westwood, New Jersey. Discharge Concierge is a personalized, automated experience that provides patients with the ability to self-complete state-mandated, “need-to-know” disease-specific coursework prior to discharge from the hospital. Mobile, in-the-moment access allows patients to navigate the information at their own pace.

With Discharge Concierge, inpatients can access condition-specific content required for discharge through any web-enabled device. Patient progress and completion is tracked through an interactive checklist that includes the ability to note questions as they arise and request time with a nurse for clarification if needed. Discharge Concierge™ connects easily to the patient’s electronic medical record via secure API, offering a 100% turnkey process.

discharge conciergeThis is the third Concierge Care® program that Pascack Valley Medical Center has deployed in their Westwood, New Jersey, hospital. The nationally recognized Bedside Concierge® solution has been launched hospital-wide, yielding Pascack Valley Medical Center a gold award from the Healthcare Marketing Report’s 33rdAnnual Healthcare Advertising Awards and a silver award from the Hospital Marketing Advertising Awards, both in the best digital marketing program award category. To learn more about their Bedside Concierge™ programs, click here.

Because Discharge Concierge is a self-navigated patient education experience, it empowers patients while increasing nurses’ Joy in Practice. By emboldening patients to manage their own care once they return home, nurses save valuable clinical care delivery time and reduce cost of transitional care delivery.

Discharge Concierge is designed using evidence-based scientific methods from BehavioralRx™, our proprietary science, to optimize patient engagement, including:

  • Nurturing Technology: Guided Persuasion
  • Adaptation Technology: Persuasion through Personalization
  • Self-Management Technology: Simplify Tracking
  • Conditioning Technology: Reinforcing Target Behavior

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