Bedside Concierge™

Bedside Concierge™
Ensure a comfortable inpatient experience
with award-winning service delivery.

Bringing hospitality to health care.

As part of the GoMo Health Concierge Care® suite of mobile engagement solutions, the Beside Concierge™ addresses the non-clinical, non-emergent needs of each patient with in-the-moment access to their own personal “Comfort Concierge.” Using a mobile device, tablet or laptop, patients can make real-time requests from a menu of comfort services – like room temperature adjustment, requesting a hot meal, pet therapy or a visit from clergy.

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Concierge Care® In Hospital

Impact reimbursements by resolving
non-clinical issues to each patient’s satisfaction.

Why wait for post-discharge feedback that’s collected through an independent survey weeks after patients are discharged?  Collect in-the-moment feedback from patients within seconds of receiving what they’ve requested, engaging the patient and telling them their experience is your top priority.

Communicate patient requests directly.

Our Bedside Concierge™ solution can be easily customized to handle almost any kind of non-clinical patient request. Here are some of the ways hospitals are currently utilizing it.

Concierge Care® In Hospital


Would you like your prescription filled?  We’ll have it ready for you when you’re headed home.

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Bathroom Assistance

Having trouble getting out of bed and to the bathroom? Help is right around the corner.

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Housekeeping Requests

Room need cleaning or you’d just like an extra pillow or blanket? We’ve got you covered.

gomo health

Food Service

Ready for that tray to be whisked away? Want something else to drink? Let us know, we’ll take care of it.

gomo health

Patient Advocate

Want to arrange access to your electronic medical record or set up a visit from clergy? We’ll send someone to help.

Concierge Care® In Hospital

Room Environment

Need the temperature in your room adjusted? We’re here to make everything about your stay more comfortable.

Experience Bedside Concierge™
as a patient or staff member would.

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Benefits for patients and hospital staff.

Communicate and respond to inpatient needs in-the-moment, interactively engaging with them and conveying that their pleasant hospital stay is your top priority.

A comfortable experience makes the need for a hospital stay a bit more pleasant – and satisfied patients are more compliant in following health care protocols.

Offload clinical staff from fulfilling non-clinical patient requests – allowing them to focus on direct patient care.

Improve overall inpatient satisfaction leading to better HCAHPS survey results and higher reimbursements.

Integrate EHR, EMR and HIS via the GoMo Health API, allowing for secure data exchange and a detailed view of each patient, all in compliance with Health Level-7 (HL7) data transfer protocol and in a HIPAA secure environment.

Capture data via the GoMo Health platform’s reporting system and pinpoint areas for enhanced service delivery and process improvement.

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