Pascack Valley Medical Center

innovator of the yearGoals

  • Cater to the non-clinical needs of inpatients in real-time.
  • Garner positive patient feedback in the HCAHPS survey, resulting in increased reimbursements.
  • Collect in-the-moment feedback from patients.
  • Reduce cost of care.
  • Increase Joy in Practice.
  • Personalize patient engagement.
  • Enhance service delivery.
  • Encourage and promote self-activated learning.
  • Satisfy JCAHO teach back requirements.

Project Description

Pascack Valley Medical Center sought to offer a personalized, patient-centered approach for each patient. GoMo Health and Pascack Valley Medical Center worked together to develop customized solutions for their needs.

Bedside Concierge™ is designed to address the non-clinical, non-emergent needs of patients with a “Bedside Concierge” that is accessible through a mobile, tablet, or laptop. GoMo Health created customized versions of the Bedside Concierge solution hospital-wide and in their Emergency Department.

Discharge Concierge™  is a solution that allows patients to access their state-mandated coursework prior to discharge on a mobile device, allowing them to absorb the information at their own pace.

BehavioralRx™ Implementation

GoMo Health leveraged its proprietary emerging science, BehavioralRx™, the science of patient engagement, to build the program and determine the engagement strategy, approach and content delivered.


Pascack Valley Medical Center partnered with GoMo Health to implement Bedside Concierge™ and Discharge Concierge™ programs. Through Bedside Concierge, “in-the-moment” requests are sent directly to the appropriate department for fulfillment. Some of the requests may include:

  • Bathroom assistance
  • Ensuring the noise level around the room allows for appropriate patient rest and recovery
  • Pet therapy
  • Clergy assistance
  • EMR/EHR access

In 2018, Pascack Valley Medical Center also added Discharge Concierge™ to their suite of services. Discharge Concierge is a highly-personalized, automated experience that provides patients with the resources needed to self-complete state-mandated, necessary, disease-specific coursework prior to discharge. Mobile, in-the-moment access allows patients to navigate the information at their own pace. As a result, patients are empowered to manage their own care once they return home, saving nurses valuable clinical care delivery time and reducing cost of transitional care delivery.


Steady patient utilization, measuring an increase of up to 10% monthly.

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