Behavioral health conditions can often leave those afflicted in a position of social isolation. Illnesses like anxiety, depression, addiction, and agoraphobia are all very isolating conditions that leave a person feeling like they are fighting their battle alone.

How BehavioralRx® helps

When a person, based on their behavioral condition, needs to communicate or relearn to communicate, we apply two BehavioralRx® scientific principles to our solution. The first is Reduction Technology, which is activation through simplifying. Reduction Technology enables people to accomplish tasks and feel better about themselves, and we reinforce that with Conditioning Technology. Conditioning Technology rewards active participation. Between the two technologies, GoMo Health is able to help the person learn how to communicate and feel comfortable getting back into social group settings such as work, life, and home.

Watch the video above to hear firsthand examples of those who are benefitting from BehavioralRx technologies being applied to their behavioral health care plans.

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The BehavioralRx science has proven to increase human resiliency, resulting in better patient health outcomes, increased clinical joy in practice, and reduced physician and nurse fatigue.
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