GoMo Health Launches Rare Disease Digital Therapeutic Program for Pharmaceutical Value Based Contracts and Medication Adherence Evidence-Based Patient Outcomes

Joining patients within their journey – from early detection through active therapy support

November 4, 2020  – GoMo Health, an evidence-based digital therapeutic platform, has launched an extension of its telehealth therapeutic program for rare and complex diseases to provide interactive, in-the-moment, personalized lifestyle and condition support for people managing a complex medication and medical regimen. The GoMo Personal Concierge telehealth therapeutic has proven to increase pharmaceutical market access with physicians and health plans as well as improved medication adherence and ePROM (patient-reported outcome measures) that drive reduced medical costs and improved outcomes for their physician and plan partners.

Consistent with The Center of Medicare and Medicaid value-based care model of improving patient outcomes, quality metrics, and satisfaction, the GoMo Personal Concierge guides the patient as a virtual care coordinator reinforcing and personalizing the actions needed for each patient to activate and appreciate a better quality of life. The Personal Concierge empowers patients with feelings of control by providing timely mobile-based education and information and seamlessly escalating to nurse navigation and pharmacy based on patient questions, feedback, and indicated challenges. This behaviorally based patient partnered approach builds confidence, reduces anxiety, and fosters resiliency toward better self-management.

“As a physician, I recognize that it can be difficult and stressful for patients diagnosed with complex or chronic conditions to consistently adhere to their care plan, medication therapies, and regular monitoring and testing. The GoMo Personal Concierge provides daily guidance and stays with the person when they are at home, work, or play. This also benefits the clinical care team of physicians, PAs, and nurses as it reinforces the very actions necessary for patient adherence as well as returns back more precise patient data to determine if we need to adjust the dosing to produce the best health outcome,” says Dr. Steve Lazoritz, Chief Medical Officer, GoMo Health.

The GoMo Health Personal Concierge is a bi-directional digital therapeutic that distributes, via text and email options, condition management education and lifestyle support, and collects patient feedback related to individual outlook, confidence level, medication adherence, refills, dosing, and side effects via surveys and assessments.  The program nurtures those using medication for treatment as well as those with the diagnosis considering available treatment options.  Through individually-instigated functionality, patients can trigger live, text-based chats with care providers, as well as text keywords to receive specific content they need in the moment.

“Dealing with a chronic or complex health condition throughout the course of one’s life in addition to managing the normal day-to-day issues life brings takes a toll on the mind and body. Often, the reason a person stops a medication or medical therapy is more related to their mental fatigue and a feeling of loss of control and direction than it is related to the effectiveness of the medication itself.  The GoMo Personal Concierge integrates psychosocial and physical guidance in a person’s lived environment and moment of need. This is exactly what pharmaceutical companies need to provide to positively impact patient lives as well as supporting providers and health plans in achieving their value-based quality metrics,” says Bob Gold, Chief Behavioral Technologist, GoMo Health.

About GoMo Health (www.gomohealth.com)

GoMo Health® delivers digital therapeutic solutions that integrate psycho-social care and resources to create a more precise and personalized physical and behavioral care plan. These population health management programs reduce costs, improve outcomes, increase satisfaction, and collect evidence-based e-PRO data necessary to maximize value-based reimbursements.  GoMo Health uses a proprietary science, BehavioralRx®, The Science of Precision Health, to build trust and credibility to motivate higher levels of reciprocity and actions that result in increased human resiliency. In partnership with health care organizations worldwide, GoMo Health delivers this highly scalable solution, Concierge Care® for the management of high-risk, chronic, and complex conditions, enabling better self-management and healthy decision making.