GoMo Health, National Foundation for Cancer Research and AIM-HI Collaborate to Accelerate Clinical Trial Recruitment and Increase Retention

By |Published On: September 28th, 2020|

GoMo Health continues to expand its footprint as a digital therapeutic solution, now through a collaboration with the National Foundation for Cancer Research (NFCR), and AIM-HI. The GoMo Health evidence-based clinical trial engagement, referral, and telehealth adherence system is being made available to help cancer patients identify clinical studies, accelerate trial qualification and recruitment processes, and synchronize with the GoMo telehealth system for improved retention and engagement. Together, NFCR and GoMo Health are advancing the National Foundation for Cancer Research’s commitment to fighting cancer through breakthrough research and biomedical innovation that benefits patients.

The National Foundation for Cancer Research (NFCR) is a nonprofit organization that provides funding to make game-changing discoveries in cancer treatment, detection, prevention, and ultimately, a cure. Likewise, AIM-HI, which was born out of the NFCR, helps solve unmet needs in cancer research and drug development. NFCR is integrating its extensive cancer patient and investigator database into the GoMo Clinical Trial Patient HUB to accelerate the acquisition, qualification, and onboarding of potential patients into pharmaceutical clinical trials.

Expedited Linking with Trial Sites  

GoMo Health’s technology is proven to reduce time via its intelligent pre-screeners and introduction of a referral coordinator to the screening process, nurturing patients through the completion of the initial pre-screener. The use of this technology helps facilitate pre-screener completions in less time with greater accuracy and enables a real-time “conversation” between patients and the referral coordinator to address patient questions and potential concerns.

This enables a more expedient collection of accurate data as well as retention of qualified potential patients. The strategy of nurturing interested patients through the pre-screener process to collect more accurate data helps to speed up clinical trial research processes to bring new therapies to market at a quicker rate for patients in need.

Helping Patients through Behavioral Engagement Technology 

This partnership will break down the clinical trial process for individuals by using the virtual care coordinator powered by GoMo Health to offer a simplified qualification process and matching service to place patients directly in contact with trial site locations near them. Blending artificial intelligence with intuitive human interaction, the system allows a referral coordinator to answer preliminary questions from cancer patients and guide those interested through an otherwise often-complicated pre-screening process, after which they’ll be automatically directed to clinical trial sites.

Additionally, the GoMo Health digital therapeutic applies its proprietary behavioral principals of engagement to activate potential patients via BehavioralRx®, The Science of Precision Health. The program incorporates individualized support that interactively guides potential patients and their caregivers through trial participation, resulting in increased adherence to therapies and treatment regimens.

GoMo Health, NFCR, and AIM-HI

For more information, visit our collaboration page.
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