Partners Health Plan (PHP) is a not-for-profit managed care organization that serves persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities through personalized Life Plans. Designed in coordination with local providers and community groups, PHP’s plans ensure that each participant receives the healthcare, habilitation, and other services necessary to their overall wellbeing, tailored to their personal preferences. In coordination with GoMo Health, PHP developed the Healthy Connections program to bolster engagement and enhance their system of care for members who are intellectually disabled and have diabetes and hypertension.


  • Enhance diabetic and hypertensive management in members with intellectual disabilities
  • Improve member confidence in managing their conditions
  • Enhance remote care coordination while decreasing inpatient rates during COVID-19
  • Increase member and staff satisfaction

Personalized to the individual, not just the condition

Members of the PHP Healthy Connections program receive Care Messages that are tailored not only to their health condition but also to their own personal preferences and lifestyle. In addition to informative content specific to each member’s diabetes or hypertension diagnosis – which includes medication reminders, nutrition suggestions, stress relief tips, and more – participants can specify their favorite foods, hobbies, and ways to exercise. These indications inform a message regimen that’s truly personalized to the individual. Someone who indicates they enjoy cooking, music, and outdoor exercise may receive messages that share healthy recipes from various cultures, music suggestions from genres like pop or reggae, and tips for running and biking. 

Supporting caregivers

Caregivers of PHP members may also opt into Healthy Connections messaging for content specifically designed to support them in this role. In addition to informative content and tips that align with their loved one’s medical condition, caregivers receive ideas for fun activities to do together, uplifting encouragement, and suggested resources like support groups.

Checking in with periodic surveys

Every two months, program participants receive automated check-in surveys to gauge each member’s overall health and screen for specific issues that may arise with their health condition. Links to the questionnaires are sent directly to participants via Care Message and are quick and easy to complete. If the participant’s responses suggest that they are experiencing severe health issues, are not monitoring their condition properly, or are not maintaining their treatment regimen, a secure file is sent to PHP’s care management team to prompt a follow-up with that member.

Interactive messaging in-the-moment

At any time, PHP members may text in one of the program’s simple, predefined keywords to prompt content that addresses their in-the-moment needs:

  • STORY – Shares an uplifting story from a peer’s perspective.
  • FOOD – Provides an idea for a healthy recipe, designed with the patient’s condition in mind.
  • MOOD – Sends an inspirational, motivational quote.
  • SONG – Provides a link to a calming song to help the member relax or feel better.


GoMo Health leveraged its proprietary emerging science, BehavioralRx, to build these programs and determine the engagement strategy, approach, and content delivered.

The following behavioral and cognitive techniques were applied:

6 I’s of Community and Belonging

  1. Introduction – The members of the community must receive a welcome and orientation. They must learn the norms, values, and rules of the community.
  2. Interaction – The community must provide opportunities for its members’ voice to be heard and to form bonds
  3. Involvement – The members must be encouraged to participate. The community should provide expectations of involvement and include rewards for participation
  4. Influence – The members must have the opportunities to influence the community. It makes them feel important and shows them that their perspectives and opinions are valued.
  5. Investment – Investment is the reflection of psychological ownership that flows from involvement and influence. The members must feel invested in their community.
  6. Identity – The members must share a common purpose and identity. Refer to collectively as “we” and “us.” Establish rituals and standards that all members identify with.

To learn more about Partners Health Plan (PHP Care Complete FIDA-IDD Plan) or to become a member, please visit their website at or call 1-855-747-5483, TTY/TDD: 711

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