Webinar – Unlocking the Secrets to Personalized Diabetes Care: The Mind and Body Connection

By |Published On: November 17th, 2021|

For Immediate Release: November 15, 2021
Contact: Shelley R. Schoenfeld, Chief Marketing Officer
Ph: 732-484-9144
Email: sschoenfeld@gomohealth.com

Asbury Park, NJ (November 15, 2021) – On Tuesday, December 7, 2021 – 11:00 AM (EST), GoMo Health, in collaboration with Diet ID, will host a live webinar, including interactive Q and A with expert panelists, to discuss their jointly offered, patient centered, scientifically and behaviorally based digital therapeutic for diabetes care management, including application of actionable lifestyle and diet modifications that have proven to improve outcomes and quality of life for those managing daily living with diabetes.

Topics will include:

  • Behavioral triggers
  • Personalization variables (and their impact on a “connected” patient)
  • Diet quality assessment and improvement
  • Implications related to cost and ROI
  • Considerations for scaling services to achieve optimal outcomes.


David Katz, MD, MPH, FACPM, FACP, FACLM ~ Dr. Katz, founder and CEO of Diet ID, is a board-certified specialist in Preventive Medicine/Public Health. He is the founding director of Yale University’s Yale-Griffin Prevention Research Center, Past-President of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine, and Founder/President of the True Health Initiative. Katz is recognized globally for expertise in nutrition, lifestyle medicine, and health promotion.

Chevon Rariy, MD ~ Dr. Rariy is an endocrinologist and Vice President and Chair of Telehealth at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Chicago. She earned her medical degree from Harvard Medical School and completed a residency in internal medicine at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. Her goal is to provide compassionate, personalized endocrine-related patient care while utilizing her passion for innovation and technology.

Bob Gold, MS ~ Bob Gold, Founder and Chief Behavioral Technologist at GoMo Health, is one of the world’s leading behavioral technologists with more than 20 years’ applied research and development experience in the areas of the behavioral and cognitive science of human motivation, activation and resiliency. Bob’s evidence-based methods provide an individualized, disciplined and nurturing experience within the framework of program participants’ daily lives while improving satisfaction and adherence, particularly for complex and chronic conditions that include co-morbidities and difficult-to-navigate patient health journeys. 

Diet ID and GoMo Health announced their partnership in September 2021. The partnership nurtures and promotes healthy eating habits while successfully guiding patients throughout their healthcare journey through GoMo Health’s ongoing personalized engagement.

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GoMo Health® applies a proprietary, evidence-based science of engagement, BehavioralRx®, to our cloud-based digital therapeutic, Concierge Care®, to actively extend care plans, and provide resources and support to people in their “lived” environments – enhancing outpatient care and impact. This outpatient care delivery model integrates support for psychosocial and physical needs to create personalized, behaviorally based care plans that empower patients in their own care management and healthy decision making. Connecting with patients via its’ Telehealth Triple Play™, GoMo Health using an intelligent mobile BOT to collect and triage patient data via home medical devices, conduct in the moment “conversations”, and gather electronic patient reported outcomes (ePRO). This has proven to modify behaviors of patients with chronic and complex conditions worldwide, resulting in significant improvement in health outcomes and adherence, and decreased costs of care for providers, hospitals, health plans, employers, and life science companies.

To learn more, visit www.gomohealth.com.


Diet ID is powered by Diet Quality Photo Navigation (DQPN), a novel approach to dietary assessment and tracking, predicated on the native human aptitude for pattern recognition and requiring no detailed recall or logging of foods. It presents relevant, fully formed composite images of established dietary patterns and invites the user to select the image most like their own, current food intake. The “this or that” process is repeated until “best possible fit” is achieved. With this method, a baseline dietary pattern can be identified within minutes. Diet ID is the best way to measure and manage diet quality, the most important factor for health and wellbeing. The company offers innovative digital tools that allow people to assess and improve their diet quality using an effortless, image-based experience paired with personalized, guided micro challenges. With Diet ID, people everywhere can finally treat diet as a vital sign.

To learn more, visit www.dietid.com

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