Activating the Experience: Nurturing Our Youth, Families, and Caregivers during Autism Acceptance Month

By |Published On: April 9th, 2024|

April marks Autism Acceptance Month, a time focused on autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and advocating for the needs of individuals with ASD and their families. At GoMo Health, we recognize the importance of supporting children with ASD and their caregivers. Our innovative solutions work to activate and engage individuals throughout their journey in child and family services and child welfare systems, offering tailored support and resources to meet their evolving needs. 

The unpredictability of foster care can be particularly challenging for children with ASD, who rely heavily on routine. Without consistent support and routines, they may encounter behavioral issues and experience difficulties in their placements. Foster care may not adequately address their special needs due to caregivers often lacking sufficient training.  

Child Welfare and Foster Care Engagement Hub: Empowering Caregivers and Youth 

GoMo Health enhances support across the entire spectrum of human life, from maternal-child health to family reunification, including increasing support for those living with ASD and their caregivers. Our dedication drives us to continually improve system resources and support services through programs like the Child Welfare and Foster Care Engagement Hub. 

How Does the HUB Work? 

The Child Welfare and Foster Care Engagement Hub serves as a centralized communication platform, bridging the gap between caregivers, system representatives, and youth involved in the child welfare system. With overwhelming caseloads and ever-growing needs, the Hub augments human interactions by providing consistent support and guidance, regardless of time or location. Through real-time conversations, secure information sharing, and the instantaneous offering of resources, the Hub ensures that essential care and support are readily accessible to those who need it — when they need it most. 

The Hub transcends traditional healthcare boundaries, committing to enhancing access to healthcare, education, and basic life entitlements for underserved families and individuals, including those living with ASD and those caring for a child with ASD.  

Program Value and Content 

The Child Welfare and Foster Care Engagement Hub offers personalized support for taking optimal advantage of the various aspects of child welfare, including family preservation, reunification, preventing out-of-home placement of youth, and educating caregivers on healthy pregnancies and early childhood milestones. Additionally, our program provides psychosocial support to ease the strain on system beneficiaries and their caregivers, fostering resilience and positive development outcomes. 

Key HUB program content includes: 

  • Prenatal support 
  • Postpartum/early childhood milestone checkpoints 
  • Cognitive brain health 
  • Early detection of developmental delays 
  • Mental health education 
  • Transition-age youth support  

The Hub is being used to improve family and social connections, increase awareness and utilization of available resources, and ultimately reduce the cost of care while enhancing beneficiary satisfaction. 

Join Us in Making a Difference 

In support of Autism Acceptance Month, let’s come together to advocate for the needs of children with ASD and their families, as well as support broader initiatives in child welfare. At GoMo Health, we’re committed to empowering caregivers, youth, and families through innovative solutions that enhance engagement, improve outcomes, and foster long-term resilience. Together, we can make a positive impact on the lives of those in the child welfare system and beyond.

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