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In collaboration with the Center for BrainHealth® at The University of Texas at Dallas, GoMo Health delivers the Brain Health Personal Concierge program for individuals and families, a clinically integrated program that guides people cognitively and behaviorally through their healthcare journey, identifying the specific areas where nurturing is needed through continuous real-time personalized feedback on individual challenges, needs, and stressors.

“Better brain health enhances decision-making, problem solving, the quality of our social interactions, as well as our ability to absorb, adapt to and bounce back from challenges and adversity. With this collaboration, we are thrilled that our BrainHealth content will be available to benefit GoMo Health clients.”   Stephen White, JD, executive director of the Center for BrainHealth’s Brain Performance Institute™

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Evidence-based digital therapeutic for improved physical and mental health outcomes for maternal/child health and chronic physical conditions such as cancer, diabetes, cardiac disease, and COPD.

brain health network

Decreased cost of healthcare delivery.

brain health network

Early detection to reduce adverse events, including avoidable ED visits and readmissions.

brain health network

De-identified, aggregated brain health data on trends, patterns, and insights correlating social, behavioral, and physical challenges across complex and chronic conditions.

brain health network

Collaboration, networking and best practice sharing with leading behavioral and cognitive scientists, clinicians, educators, sociologists, and anthropologists.

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