GoMo Health Concierge Care
Personalized Engagement
Provide patients, members, and caregivers with information that is highly relevant to their lifestyles and wellness interests for the greatest impact. Using Health Risk Assessments (HRAs) and sophisticated population health management analytics, Concierge Care stratifies engagement to connect with patients and members at the right time with information that can inspire immediate action.

Actionable Content
Become the driving force behind your patients’ and members’ healthy actions. Utilize either your own content or our custom health care messages, videos, health tips, and more to target specific behaviors, improve health education, motivate healthy decisions, and encourage compliance. Go further by rewarding milestones, influencing patients to stay on plan, and advising members when they need it most.

Achieved Wellness
Cultivate a healthier population with increased adherence, reduced Emergency Department usage, and lower readmissions. Concierge Care empowers patients and members to focus on their self-care, enabling your organization to refocus staff and resources, reduce costs, and improve service delivery.

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