Hub Services

Proven evidence-based outcomes

  • Up to 2x increase in medication adherence
  • Conversion of up to 25% of prescription considerers to users

Connecting device manufacturers, providers, and patients for centralized support

Hub service providers are enhancing the consumer journey as the need for more comprehensive services has grown. With GoMo Health Concierge Care®, hub service providers utilize mobile web-based engagement to provide centralized communications (and treatment) support for consumers. Concierge Care aggregates inquiries, responses, and patterns for improved service delivery, fulfillment, and retention.

Hub services support includes prescription fulfillment and secure chat integration

GoMo Health has created a HIPAA/PHI-secure beyond-the-pill strategy to provide virtual guidance to patients and caregivers. Our evidence-based solutions provide personal support across communication channels, integrating mobile messaging with in-the-moment, live chat support to reshape the patient journey— improving fulfillment, refill, and reimbursement rates and reducing customer service bottlenecks.

Hub Services for Pharmaceuticals

Our Hub Services Solution Partners

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Concierge Care for hub services and specialty pharma is based upon a secure platform that facilitates:

Concierge Care is right for your organization if your needs include:

  • Increased patient receptivity

  • More complete patient details

  • Confirmation of delivery details from the patient’s specialty pharmacy

  • Timely and effective out of box patient support and training in a timely and effective manner


gammaCARE™ First Quarter Results Downloadable

See the results of our Hub Services solutions

View the impressive results of our Concierge Care program with hub service provider Asembia and device manufacturer, electroCore. In the first three months alone, the program engaged with over 2,500 people, gathering useful demographic data, information about their lifestyle challenges, and triggers for migraine and cluster headaches. 

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A new approach to delivering precision healthcare

Cognitive and behavioral principles of engagement are used to activate patients and members through BehavioralRx®, the science of precision health.  


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