Battling – and Beating – an Early Journey of Addiction: A Whole Person Approach to Recovery and Empowerment

Episode Summary

Substance Use Disorder (SUD) is a powerful, frightening condition that can destroy lives, purpose, and perceived self-worth.  Discover the power of personal recovery journeys through Annette’s inspiring story. Growing up in a home deeply affected by SUD and family impact, Annette’s early exposure to substance use set her on a challenging path. From her pre-teen years into adulthood, she faced a harrowing spiral of dependency, legal troubles, and the heartbreak of losing the privilege to care for her own children. 

However, Annette’s story takes a hopeful turn as she embraces a new paradigm in SUD treatment and recovery. Through a multi-media, behaviorally-based recovery program, she learns about the strength of human resiliency and the importance of nurturing her brain, body, and spiritual health. Join us as we explore how personal recovery journeys like Annette’s can illuminate the path to healing and transformation for those battling the profound SUD and family impact.


Featured Guests

  • Annette Redding, Director of Peer Support and Crisis Response Services for Rimrock Foundation
  • Coralee Schmitz, COO, Rimrock Foundation
  • Sue Zbikowski, PhD, Behavioral Psychologist
  • Charley Curie, Presidential Appointee to lead the Substance Use and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)