Harm Reduction
Through Gamified Education

Episode Summary

Whether it’s drugs, alcohol, marijuana , or tobacco/vaping, when teens turn to substance use, it can have a major impact on their health and well-being. This podcast episode focuses on engaging and educating youth and teens on the impact of substance use in the interactive LED by Tigger digital program.  

The episode focuses on utilizing tools and programs that meet teens where they are most often – through their phones.  The LED by Tigger program is discussed from the perspective of several experts, including New Jersey school representatives, a behavioral psychologist, a licensed drug and alcohol counselor, and current high school students. 

Topics discussed: 

  • How utilizing text messages, gamification, and incentives has proved effective in educating teens on real-life risky situations 
  • Removing stigma and breaking down barriers related to managing situations where substances are introduced   
  • The connection between behavioral and mental health issues and how to empower teens to safely and confidently seek help  
  • Ways parents can focus on prevention – recognizing warning signs and helping children navigate their teenage years 


Featured Guests

  • Joe Isola, Superintendent of Schools for Howell Township Public Schools 
  • Sue Zbikowski, PhD, Behavioral Psychologist 
  • Thomas Chemris, Student Assistance Coordinator, New Egypt School System  
  • Nicole Catalano, LPC, LCADC, Clinical Counselor 
  • Deena Cohen, MPA, CADC, CTTS, WTS, ATOD Prevention Specialist 
  • Jessica and Kaylee, high school students  and LED by Tigger program participants